AKT® New Aristo Full Dynamic PVD System

AKT's vertical dynamic sputtering system, the New Aristo provides the highest throughput in the industry while providing superior film uniformity performance. Fully automated loading and unloading capabilities, as well as our patented carrier transport system, permit significantly reduced cycle times. The advanced Rotary Cathode Technology completes the New Aristo’s profile as an innovative and market proven mass production solution enabling much higher target utilization than conventional planar targets and gives optimum film quality and particle control for high production yield. The modular and compact door concept, which allows highest flexibility for process arrangement, provides investment security. The New Aristo has become the standard and benchmark for large size Color Filter Mass Production Equipment over decades throughout the display industry following the economy of scale.

The New Aristo platform is available for all known Gen sizes starting from multiple mobile sizes up to large Gen11 size panels required for large area TV mass production.

Single layers like ITO, IGZO and metal as well as multiple optical oxide layers can perfectly arranged in the process section on customer demand.

In addition to the New Aristo VR system concept the New Aristo Twin system’s parallel architecture allows a single system to deposit all the PVD film layers. This system achieves up to 40% higher output than competing alternatives. The separate vacuum track concept, combined with production-proven deposition chambers and substrate transport mechanisms, ensures high uptime. One vacuum track can undergo maintenance while the other vacuum track is still up and running production.

AKT New Aristo Full Dynamic PVD System