Applied Materials Israel

Applied Materials Israel is home to the Process Diagnostics and Control business unit. Based in Rehovot, we develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision-based metrology and inspection products that are essential elements in wafer fabrication. By playing a significant role in enabling the production of the next generation of microchips, our expertise enables our customers to transform possibilities into reality.



The Israel site is Applied Materials’ largest R&D center outside of the United States. It serves as a technology incubator of excellence and creativity that focuses on some of the most advanced technologies in the world.


Founded: July 1997



Employees: ~2,300


Israel Presence: Rehovot, Kiryat Gat, Migdal Haemek

Research and Development

Applied Materials invests a significant amount in Research & Development (R&D) activities and our R&D group represents a substantial proportion of our employee base. Our teams consist of the best and brightest minds in the fields of physics, electronics, algorithms, hardware and software. All teams work in a multidisciplinary environment on the development of the next generation of technologies that will take the semiconductor industry to the next level.

Our primary focus areas include: optics, lasers, scanning electron microscopy, image processing, algorithms, machine vision mechanics and robotics, software and user interfaces. With over a thousand registered patents, our developments will enable the next wave of technology – AI, big data, IoT, autonomous vehicles and beyond.


Software and Algorithms

Our software and algorithm teams represent one of the largest most diverse group of algorithm developers in Israel, focusing on the development of computer vision, machine learning and deep learning solutions that push the limits of semiconductors. The group is the critical center of a multidisciplinary team that accelerates the development of the most advanced semiconductor innovations.


Our Rehovot Campus includes an advanced 8,400m2 manufacturing cleanroom, where we produce our complex systems. The manufacturing team consists of professionals who possess expertise in a wide variety of technology fields and have multiple responsibilities including tool integration, field & lab tool support. The team works closely with the R&D, Product and Operations groups with whom they maintain strong technical partnerships.


Customer and Product Support

Our customer service and support team focus on providing our customers with world-class service. Working at our customer sites in Kiryat Gat and Migdal Haemek, they are responsible for the installation and maintenance of Applied Materials’ complex multidisciplinary systems.

The team’s extensive engineering expertise and world-class supply chain enable our customers’ continuous improvement process through leveraging Applied Materials global knowledge capabilities and infrastructure.

Our global product support team travels to our customers around the world to install and provide real-time solutions and troubleshooting for our metrology and inspection tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a positive contribution to the community lies at the heart of our company values. Through the large variety of community programs, we strive to enable a better future by partnering with non-profit organizations in the fields of education, environment, basic needs and female empowerment. To make a significant impact, we enter into ongoing partnerships that enable us to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

A key part of our support is the active participation of our employees in the programs. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities both during and after work hours that enable our employees to connect personally to causes close to their hearts and contribute their time and energy in a meaningful way. Together, our amazing volunteers contribute thousands of hours that collectively make a significant impact.

Some of our key programs and partnerships:

Aroma AppliedOur on-campus youth employment project that aims to provide youth with work and life skills
Tovanot B’HinuchA school ‘turn around’ program that involves hundreds of Applied Materials volunteers
OfanimWe proudly support the “Ofanim” educational mobile lab programs, focusing on science and technology activities
PaamomimSupporting their activities in the wider Rehovot area
LatetSupporting their fight against hunger in the lead up to key festivals
Cracking the Glass Ceiling,
Shavot and She Codes
Empowering females to reach their full potential





We have a thriving cross-organizational employee “green team” that initiate and implement new and innovative programs that aim to raise awareness amongst employees as well as contribute to the overall sustainability efforts of the company on a daily basis. Green Team initiatives include: a carpool program, on-campus garage sales and second-hand exchanges, reduction in the usage of disposable cups, a broad recycling program (glass, plastic, drink cans, paper, electronics etc.), school kids’ education programs and more.

Reducing our impact on the environment is the cornerstone of our multi-faceted sustainability program. Whether it be by conserving energy and water, designing safe, long-lasting, reusable or recyclable products to minimize the use of natural resources or reducing and recycling waste, we endeavor to include sustainability considerations in all that we do.


Culture of Inclusion

At Applied Materials, we believe that diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds enhance teamwork and innovations. We are committed to diversity to fuel invention, creativity and engagement in our workforce.

In addition to building diversity, we actively promote a broad and inclusive culture of understanding and empowerment.

In Israel, we rolled out a variety of programs to increase awareness of inclusion as well as dedicated programs that aim to support and advance gender equality.