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We are the foundation of the global electronics industry. Our equipment enables the creation of semiconductors—the brains of devices we use every day.

We are on track to reach

100% renewable energy

globally by 2030

Our industry is on a trajectory to reach

$1 trillion

of revenue by 2030

We have

46,000+ systems

operating in

1,000+ fabs

What does Applied Materials do?

We Work Here

We Work Here
Learn about the unexpected work required to build, using materials engineering, the most advanced chips found in your pocket supercomputers.


Do you know what materials engineering is and why it’s so important? Watch a conversation between two Applied colleagues as they break it down in an easy-to-understand way.

What is a semiconductor?

The beauty of a semiconductor is that it can both conduct electricity like metal and do the opposite like an insulator. A semiconductor can change conductivity based on the application. Silicon is the most common material in our industry, and with manipulation it makes a great semiconductor.

What is materials engineering?

Materials Engineering studies the science of the properties, structure and processes of materials. Engineering the composition of materials by creating, shaping, modifying, analyzing and even removing properties is the basis for the amazing capabilities of electronics you use every day.


We enable the exciting technologies coming to life today like AI and IoT. Ready to dig deeper?

Our industry is at the foundation of the electronics you use today. Want to Make Possible with us?