March 2018 Edition

Call for Papers Issued for Upcoming U.S. Advanced Process Control Conference


By Nanochip Staff

As manufacturing processes become more complex and precise, the need is growing for advanced process control methods that can lead to increased productivity, output and quality. The annual Advanced Process Control Conference (APC) is the world’s leading forum for technologists in semiconductor manufacturing and related industries to discuss, debate and display the latest advanced process control trends, ideas, requirements, technical advancements and solutions.

This year the 30th annual APC Conference (October 8-11, 2018 in Austin, Texas) will emphasize challenges and solutions in microelectronics as the industry moves aggressively to advance and implement smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 concepts for more data-intensive and highly automated manufacturing. The conference has issued a Call for Papers on a range of topics relevant to this theme, including but not limited to:

  • Run-to-run, wafer-to-wafer, model-based, and real-time process control
  • Fault detection and classification (FDC), and fault prediction (FP)
  • Other predictive systems
  • Virtual and integrated metrology/sensing
  • Simulation, emulation, and cyber-physical systems
  • Big Data analytics and other analytics, and data collection/management/quality
  • Security (e.g., data sharing, partitioning, IP, conversion techniques, standards)
  • Factory- and enterprise-wide applications and deployment
  • Integration of APC with manufacturing execution systems (MESs) and other systems for yield, maintenance management, adaptive scheduling, DFM, etc.
  • Sensor development, implementation and integration; remote/wireless networks
  • APC in diverse applications (e.g., etch, litho, deposition, implant, back-end, solar, MEMS, PV, disk drive, pharma)
  • Future needs, requirements, roadmaps, Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing
  • Equipment productivity data collection and analysis
  • APC and green/EHS technologies

The deadline for receipt of paper abstracts is July 6, 2018.

The APC Conference is sponsored by the Integrated Measurement Association (IMA).  Its co-chairs are John Pace and Dr. Bradley Van Eck (IMA President and Vice President, respectively) and Dr. James Moyne.

Dr. Moyne is a University of Michigan engineering associate research scientist and a technology consultant to Applied Materials.  He also serves as Chairman of the APC Council.

Applied Materials is once-again a Platinum--level sponsor of this premier annual conference, and encourages participation by the company’s technical staff in all aspects of the event.

For additional information about the APC Conference and other related programs, please visit APC Conference or contact