Invest in People

Cultivating a culture where all people
can thrive as their best selves.

At Applied, we strive to create a culture where all individuals feel they are seen, heard and invited to contribute. We are working to operationalize our inclusion practices, helping each other to recognize and remove biases, and breaking down systemic barriers that prevent progress.

We invest in building a broad and inclusive talent pipeline, partnering with nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities to foster interest—and build capabilities—in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

We empower all employees to reap the full benefits of continuous learning, and we strive to ensure everyone has fair and equitable opportunities to grow in their career at Applied.

We provide access to a range of benefits that promote physical, emotional and social health and well-being and financial security, and we provide employees with flexible options to best meet their own needs and the needs of their families.

Applied is fully committed to protecting the fundamental human rights of our employees and those of our suppliers. This commitment is formalized in our Human Rights Statement of Principles and is operationalized and governed through our Responsible Manufacturing Program.

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Culture of Inclusion
Culture of Inclusion

Culture of Inclusion

At Applied, our Culture of Inclusion is not a program or an initiative; it’s an integral part of our business and talent strategy. Across our global company, we aspire to be One Applied team—connected, inclusive and working together to be the most trusted and valued partner for our customers. It all starts with creating a Culture of Inclusion, where everyone shows up every day as their best selves and achieves their full aspirations.

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Human Rights

Human Rights

Applied is committed to providing workers with safe working conditions, treating workers with respect and dignity, and conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner. We developed a formal Responsible Manufacturing Program (RMP) to operationalize human rights governance across our manufacturing operations to comply with our Human Rights Statement of Principles and the RBA Code of Conduct.

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Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety

We operate in a way that helps protect the environment and the health and safety of our workers, customers and neighboring communities. From emergency preparedness through product safety, we are guided by our EHS policy, which is signed by our President and CEO.

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Pay Equity

Applied is committed to compensating our employees fairly and equitably. To that end, we have structured our compensation program so that our employees’ pay is based on relevant factors, such as their roles, organizational levels and geographic locations and not on their demographics.

To confirm that we live up to our goal of pay equity, we have engaged an independent third party to calculate pay ratios comparing compensation for Applied employees who identify as men and women, both globally and in the U.S., and a pay ratio comparing compensation for employees who identify as minorities and non-minorities in the U.S.  In each instance, the ratio is based on total compensation, which reflects the sum of an employee’s base salary, any cash bonus, and any stock award.  The ratios compare compensation for employees who were in a similar role, level and location, as of the start of fiscal 2024:

  • Total compensation for women globally was 99% of total compensation for men.
  • Total compensation for women in the U.S. was 100% of total compensation for men.
  • Total compensation for racial or ethnic minorities in the U.S. was 101% of total compensation for non-minorities.

We will continue monitoring our compensation practices and provide information about Applied’s pay equity efforts in future Sustainability Reports.

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Women in Engineering Talent Development Program

Applied’s two-year career development, skill building, mentoring and networking program supporting the career growth of female technical talent at Applied.


New College Graduate Program

Applied seeks out diverse talent from leading colleges and universities with strong engineering and science programs and provides hands-on industry experience and insights. In FY22, we onboarded 350 new college graduates during the year, among whom 38.5% were female and 32% were underrepresented minorities.

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U.S. Military

In 2023, Applied earned the U.S. Department of Labor Gold HIRE Vets Medallion Award, which recognizes employers for their commitment to supporting U.S. military veterans in the civilian workforce. In the U.S. alone, Applied employs more than 1,200 veterans, representing approximately 7% of the U.S.-based workforce.

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Goals and Progress

2030 Goals


Greater than 25% women
representation at Applied globally

20.3%, representing a 2.2% increase from FY21

Greater than 21% executive women representation
globally, with an aspiration to achieve equal global
and executive representation of women by 2040

13.0%, representing a 0.8% increase from FY21

Greater than 25% underrepresented minorities
(URM) representation in U.S. workforce

19.9%, representing a 3.5% increase from FY21

Greater than 10% executive URM
representation in Applied’s U.S. workforce

5.9%, representing a 1.1% increase from FY21

*Cumulative through fiscal 2023 unless otherwise noted