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Solar Automation Software


Applied automation software is the only comprehensive factory automation supplier that provides integrated manufacturing execution system (MES) and advanced process control (APC) solutions to improve factory efficiency, throughput, yield and the bottom line for solar factories.

Our solutions are proven to support high-volume manufacturing and production ramps. New lines can be added without disrupting production. Factory output is increased and waste reduced through the ability to monitor equipment down to the sensor level to improve tool utilization. Costs are reduced because process plan changes need to be made only once, thereby lowering production mistakes. Resources can be shared across lines to add efficiency. And, a fully integrated and scalable solution enables solar manufacturers to grow without a linear increase in costs.

Factory Performance and Integrated Manufacturing

Our simulation packages model complex manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations to validate and verify system designs, which reduce the risk of costly design mistakes. Our manufacturing execution systems (MES) manage work in process (WIP), including labor and production. 

Equipment Performance

Automation and equipment engineering systems (EES) combine statistical process control (SPC), fault detection and advanced process control (APC) capabilities on a single platform to lower overall cost of ownership.