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Executive Team

總裁暨執行長 應用材料公司

資深工程副總裁 應用材料公司



資深副總裁 新市場與聯盟事業群

資深副總裁、法務長暨秘書長 應用材料公司

資深副總裁暨技術長 應用材料公司

集團資深副總裁 半導體產品部門

資深副總裁 服務、顯示器與柔性技術事業群總經理

集團副總裁 資訊長

集團副總裁 影像與製程控制處總經理

集團副總裁 人力資源中心主管

Corporate Secretary

Chairman Emeritus

James C. Morgan has served as our Chairman Emeritus since March 2009. Mr. Morgan spent more than 31 years as a director and employee of Applied, including over 20 years as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Morgan first joined Applied in 1976 and served as Chief Executive Officer from 1977 to 2003. As Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Morgan does not have voting rights and does not receive any retainer or meeting fees.