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Applied Materials’ efforts to build a robust and sustainable supply chain for semiconductor and display manufacturing received increased focus earlier this year when the company announced its Supply Chain Certification for Environmental and Social Sustainability initiative (SuCCESS2030).

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APC Conference goes virtual and expands its scope to encompass evolving smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 topics; premier technical forum now called the Advanced Process Control Smart Manufacturing (APCSM) Conference.

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Since its founding in 1967, Applied Materials has been developing technologies that enable customers to build the world’s most-advanced semiconductor devices.

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Applied Materials’ new Applied SmartFactory® Fault Detection solution offers an economic, easy-to-implement way to improve tool and process performance in the back end.

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Semiconductor manufacturing over the past few decades has moved through several levels of technology, with each transition leading to lower costs and higher fab productivity. Now the industry is entering yet another change cycle, driven by increasing semiconductor quality requirements to meet the demands of IoT applications.

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Semiconductor and display manufacturing are highly complex undertakings, but in that complexity lay many opportunities to improve the speed, efficiency, productivity and environmental impact of production tools and factory systems.

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在移动电子设备上采用可弯折柔性显示屏,是多年来一直讨论的话题,今年,首批 技术相对完善的折叠手机将推向市场,但与此同时,该技术仍面临很多尚待解决的 问题和挑战。
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