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Applied Baccini Soft Line

The Applied Baccini Soft Line is an integrated, fully automated line for crystalline silicon PV cell production. The line features Baccini’s advanced screen printers and drying ovens for back contact, bus bar and front contact metallization, and inspection systems that check print quality. In addition, the line also comes equipped with a laser system for edge isolation to prevent back contact shunt and a tester-sorter for testing and distributing cells according to their efficiencies.

One of the key features of the Soft Line is its ability to reliably process ultra-thin silicon wafers at very high volumes without compromising yield. This is enabled by the line’s unique soft wafer handling technology that includes belt wafer transportation, use of paper on the print nest, and automatic print head adjustment and positioning among other features. In addition, features like automated wafer inspection / rejection of damaged or low-quality wafers and the super sorter’s dynamic bin management and bin loading/unloading helps achieve high uptime. The Soft Line delivers a low breakage rate <0.2%, high net throughput of 1,250 wafers per hour and uptime >92%. Printers on the Soft Line can also be equipped with the Baccini Esatto Technology integrated solution for superior alignment capabilities.

The Baccini Soft Line combines high productivity with proven and reliable processing of ultra-thin wafers where flexibility, power of alignment, and advanced metrology is crucial to manufacturing advanced cell structures.