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Semiconductor Automation Software


Applied delivers a comprehensive suite of automation software for semiconductor wafer manufacturing, assembly and test and related industries. Backed by more than 30 years' experience, our solutions are built on best practices and complemented by Applied's unique familiarity with fab tools. They are ready-to-deploy solutions that enable manufacturers to produce more and reduce costs through:

  • Seamless integration of production planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution and material control for both equipment- and process-control systems
  • Better factory performance from optimizing material throughput to reduce cycle time and improve line balance and on-time delivery
  • Better equipment performance from equipment optimization that reduces scrap and improves processes and yields
  • Stable, reliable and scalable integrated manufacturing systems

Integrated Manufacturing

Our integrated manufacturing solutions include manufacturing execution systems (MES) for managing work in progress (WIP), including labor and production, and material control systems (MCS) for controlling the routing and transfer of material within automated material handling systems.

Factory Performance

Applied Materials automation software coordinates and optimizes every aspect of a factory—the processes, equipment and people—to provide a competitive advantage to our customers. Our baseline manufacturing execution and material control systems, together with our equipment integration abilities, are focused on stability, reliability, and scalability. Our automated systems maximize productivity and minimize costs by providing real-time decision-making capabilities.

Equipment Performance

Automation and equipment engineering systems (EES) combine statistical process control (SPC), fault detection and advanced process control (APC) capabilities on a single platform to lower overall cost of ownership.