1967 — 1976
Mike McNeilly and four others launch a Silicon Valley start-up to serve the new semiconductor industry, open an office in Europe, grow to $17 million in revenue and successfully hold an IPO to take the company public.

1977 — 1986
New CEO Jim Morgan saves the company from bankruptcy, recruits Dan Maydan and top  technologists, and focuses on delivering quality products for new markets, including Japan.

1987 — 1996
Applied goes global – opening across Asia – and enters the market for display. The company earns a spot in the Fortune 500 and becomes #1 in the industry, hitting $4 billion in revenue.

1997 — 2006
Growth accelerates toward the Year 2000. Applied opens in Israel and India, expands its R&D footprint with the Maydan Technology Center, welcomes CEO Mike Splinter and makes a move into solar.

2007 — 2016
Applied’s leadership is recognized around the world.  Under CEO Gary Dickerson, the company sets new records for performance and growth focused on innovation in Materials Engineering.

2017 — Today
Applied delivers all-time record performance with a strategy to be the PPACt enablement company and charts a course for enabling a more sustainable company, industry and world.