Our Story

Applied Materials transformed from a small start-up into one of the most admired companies in the world. We put the "silicon" in Silicon Valley and play a vital role in the evolution of the electronics industry. 

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Global Leader

We are a global company with deep expertise in materials engineering, providing manufacturing equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, display and other related industries.

Innovation Pioneer

Innovation Pioneer

For more than 50 years, our innovations have improved the lives of billions of people around the globe who may never know us by name, but who rely on us every day as they interact with technology.

Today's World of Electronics

Today's World of Electronics

Our expertise in materials engineering is at the foundation of incredible breakthroughs that are transforming emerging technology like artificial intelligence, big data, smart vehicles, and the Internet of Things from future trends into reality.

Make Possible Starts Here

We are visionaries, engineers, scientists, and experts in our fields—each of us passionate about doing our best work supporting creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. We know that when the world's brightest minds come together, the collection of diverse opinions, experiences and backgrounds Make Possible better ideas and breakthrough innovations.

The technologies we create are the foundational building blocks of the future. Our systems make semiconductor devices, called chips—the brains of the electronics used in almost every aspect of our lives. The promise of new and exciting applications transforming industries such as consumer electronics, transportation, communications and healthcare, are enabled by advances in semiconductor and display technology.

Applied works in one of the most exciting industries on Earth, enabling a technology future one atom at a time. We are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility and committed to finding the next technological breakthrough. We support causes close to our hearts and strive to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. As leaders, we believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone.

This Is The Story Of An Adventure

It began in 1967 when a group of entrepreneurs joined to create a chemistry supply company called Applied Materials Technology. Over the next 55 years, that small venture transformed into a global leader. The people of Applied Materials, their discoveries, and the products they create provide the foundational building blocks for the semiconductor industry. 


Transforming Possibilities Into Reality

We design highly sophisticated process technologies and manufacturing systems working at the forefront of engineering and science. We create and modify materials—shaping their electrical, physical, mechanical and optical properties through highly sophisticated methods of deposition, removal, modification and analysis—to solve some of the technology world’s biggest challenges.

Changing How Chips Are Made

Changing How Chips Are Made

The need for semiconductor innovation has never been greater. As the industry transitions to a new playbook, Applied enables improvements in power, performance, area, cost and time-to-market (PPACt) of semiconductor devices. The breadth of our portfolio, along with our leadership in process technology, allows us to combine technologies in new, innovative ways that unlock the potential of AI and other technology inflections.

Discovering The Next Breakthrough

Today, in labs around the world, our scientists are developing technologies and using materials in ways no one would have thought possible. Applied invests more than $2.8 billion in research and development each year and has the strongest IP portfolio in our industry with more than 17,300 patents. We foster an innovation network through venture investments and joint research and development programs with universities, customers, partners and research institutes.

The Maydan Technology Center located in California’s Silicon Valley is the world's most advanced 300mm semiconductor research and development lab dedicated to improving chip-making technology.

Building Incredible Products

Our worldwide manufacturing operations assemble, integrate and test the various proprietary and commercial parts, components and subassemblies used to build our systems. Our volume manufacturing is centered in Austin, Texas and Singapore, with additional manufacturing facilities in Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

The Heart Of Our Organization

Our vision to Make Possible a Better Future, together with our commitment to our core values, form the foundation of our culture and everything we do. They define who we are as a company, inspire us to be better and drive our success.

Core Values:

Winning Team
Achieve great results together in an environment where employees can do their best work

Responsibility and Integrity
Operate with mutual trust and respect

Most Valued Partner
Collaborate broadly to solve our customers’ high-value problems

World Class Performance
Create a competitive advantage and deliver superior results that generate value and fuel growth

Making A Meaningful Difference

As an industry leader, we believe we are responsible for delivering innovations that advance our customers' technology roadmaps and do it in a sustainable way.