iSystem Controller

While monitoring tool operation, the Applied iSystem controller collects valuable data that can be used to generate resource consumption reports and greenhouse gas emissions reports among other environmental factors. Each small footprint iSystem controller is capable of supporting up to four tools and is easily installed on both Applied and non-Applied Materials 200mm and 300mm process tools. With more than 3000 tool connections currently installed, manufacturers have reported rapid ROI after using the iSystem controller. 



  • 易于安装到新的和现有的晶圆制造厂

  • 在设备或晶圆制造厂务层面上可配置

  • 失效安全协议

  • 真正的晶圆制造厂和晶圆制造厂务同步

  • 智能空闲模式

  • Supports Semi E167 and E175 standards for Sleep Mode

  • Subfab data collection, alarm monitoring, notifications and reporting

  • Subfab status visibility from a single monitor

  • Applied E3 and FSS data server support for complete fab/subfab data analysis


  • 将能源相关成本减低 ~20%

  • 实时连接到工艺设备

  • Enables green features with no equipment changes or process re-qualification needed

  • Provides continuous greenhouse gas emissions reporting

  • Enables fab/subfab data integration and overlay

  • 2 秒内即可从空闲状态恢复到工艺状态燃料流量