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Applied Smartfactory® Master Planning

Master Planning
Improve on-time delivery
and responsiveness
Master Planning

Growing complexity in Assembly and Test manufacturing has led to new challenges for Master Planning, including increased complication in process flows, proliferation of part numbers, and faster deployment of new products. These challenges increase the difficulty to meet on-time delivery requirements, factory capacity utilization, and cycle time objectives. Using spreadsheets is inadequate to address these challenges and results in inaccurate plans, reduced planner productivity, poor response time to customer requests, and diminished data quality. Securing a reliable supply chain planning software solution that includes a fast Master Planning engine and Scenario Planning capabilities is key to improving on-time delivery and responsiveness for manufacturers.

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Automate Input Data Generation

Master Planning’s automated input data generation and manipulation uses Applied APF technology to gather and load all necessary planning data. By using this capability, customers can standardize all relative planning data and drive improvements in data quality. Less manual management of data leads to increased planner productivity.

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Optimize On-Time Delivery With Powerful Planning Engine

The planning engine includes a mathematical solver that optimizes on-time delivery and additional critical business objectives. The ability to quickly run the data generation and planning engine allows for fast "what if" scenario planning or re-planning, enabling quick response times to customer requests.

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Produce Standard And Custom Reports

The Master Planning solution supports planner analysis with standard supply planning reports through the Applied SmartFactory user interface. Additionally, customized reports may be created, including current output report formats that customers may require.

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Link Planning To Execution

Using Applied SmartFactory in manufacturing (Factory Planning, Scheduling, and Dispatching) enables customers to align their planning efforts with execution. This provides early warning capabilities if planned commitments cannot be achieved.

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