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E3™ Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Product Quality Monitoring

An E3 module that integrates measurement and process analysis data with other advanced process control (APC) and equipment engineering systems (EES), providing more in-depth analysis findings, faster process results and out-of-control action plans (OCAPs), all from a unified platform.

What It Does

The E3 statistical process control (SPC) module provides rapid access to detailed root-cause analysis of statistical failures and allows engineers to take corrective action automatically. Built on a unified platform that leverages the E3 engine, E3 SPC drills down and across data from other E3 modules. Manufacturers can uncover problems by tracing statistical analysis and violation data back to raw data from process equipment. Facilities can easily identify and fix normally hard-to-detect variations in processes before they affect output. The result: higher yield and quality.

What It Offers

Unlike homegrown or standalone SPC systems, E3 SPC offers the ability to trace statistical analysis and violation data back to the raw data from the process equipment. It can drill down and across the data collected by other E3 modules, such as run-to-run (R2R) and fault detection and classification (FDC), identifying specific parameters and sensors to recognize process variation issues.


  • Statistical analysis with standard control charts

  • Immediate detection of product-quality variation

  • Automatic notification and correction of SPC violations

  • OCAP tracking and execution


  • Provides rapid analysis

  • Improves process control

  • Improves product quality

  • Reduces need for inspection

  • Simplifies administration

  • Lowers cost of ownership 

Customer Results

As a result of E3 SPC implementations, customers have been able to:

  • Identify root cause immediately

  • Identify process variation immediately

  • Eliminate IT costs of managing disparate systems