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Efficient Equipment Engineering

The only EES with a strategy engine that combines SPC, FDC, EPT, R2R, ADM and tool automation on a unified platform.

What It Does

E3 is a fabwide automation and equipment engineering system (EES) platform that dramatically improves manufacturing equipment efficiency and process control by providing engineers with a simple-to-use workflow engine for quickly changing, customizing and deploying process control strategies—without needing complex software development.

E3 is the only EES solution that combines statistical process control (SPC)fault detection and classification (FDC)equipment performance tracking (EPT)advanced data mining (ADM)run-to-run control (R2R) and tool automation on a unified platform.

  • Enables rapid configuration and deployment of equipment and process control systems

  • Defines logic strategies and manages operations by sending commands directly to equipment and factory systems

  • Provides access to real-time tool information

  • Delivers multilevel data visualization for root-cause analysis

  • Leverages Applied’s tool knowledge and best practices

  • Offers a tool data dictionary for rapid configuration

What It Offers

E3 stands for efficient equipment engineering—it empowers engineers with instant access to the best data and the ability to act on that data immediately, resulting in process capability improvement of 30% or more.


  • Common platform with configurable software modules

  • Support for all connection types

  • Easy-to-use workflow-based strategy engine

  • Data and logic sharing across production areas


  • Improves overall equipment engineering effectiveness

  • Reduces deployment and integration costs

  • Lowers overall cost of ownership

  • Deploys with little to no software development and minimal IT support

  • Offers fast transition from data analysis to active control

  • Reduces user training requirements through a common interface

  • Increases productivity of equipment and process engineers 

Customer Results

E3 modules have capabilities and solutions to solve complex control problems, with proven ability to reduce scrap and improve process capability by 30%. Historical data from E3 implementations at customer sites have shown:

  • Wafer scrap reductions from 90 per month to less than 5 per month for poly etch tools

  • Reduced tool downtime by 20 hours in the thin film module

  • Litho CD process capability improvements greater than 36%

  • Reduction of out-of-spec product by 5 lots and PM downtime avoidance of 26 hours in the diffusion module

E3 has also been deployed in multiple ATP factories—in bumping line, test lines and assembly—and has shown tremendous value in these settings. One assembly factory gained additional output on each of its tools and reported an ROI of just 26 days. Another factory reported increased yield after using E3 fault detection for monitoring oven thermal cycles and notifying engineers of abnormal temperature trace.