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Simulating Reality

The only 3-D simulation tool that can model the largest and most complex manufacturing systems by combining the ease-of-use features of a simulator with all the power and flexibility of a simulation language.

What It Does

AutoMod is a leading graphical simulation software tool that provides true-to-scale 3-D simulation of your manufacturing and distribution operations from any angle. It is the only simulation tool on the market that can model large, complex manufacturing and automation systems, whether they’re in operation or in the planning stages.

  • Detects bottlenecks and anticipates problems in existing or simulated factory environments

  • Builds accurate and detailed simulation models that can run at accelerated speeds

  • Enables analysis and optimization of system performance through experimentation and “what-if” scenarios

  • Verifies systems will work as planned

What It Offers

The advantage of AutoMod is the level of detail users can incorporate into their models to accurately reflect reality.


  • 3-D virtual reality animation graphics>

  • Material handling templates

  • Detailed statistics and optimization

  • Interactive modeling


  • Reduces design and development time

  • Reduces risk of operation bottlenecks

  • Models simple or complex systems

  • Provides highest degree of modeling accuracy

  • Enhances confidence in process design

  • Reduces risk of costly design mistakes

  • Supports capital equipment investment analysis

  • Increases worker productivity

Customer Results

With over 30 years of industry experience built into its design—coupled with best-in-class accuracy—AutoMod is the most widely used simulation software by high tech and automation companies.

One customer who used AutoMod to study the impact of a multiyear expansion to increase their operations achieved 300% capacity throughput improvement. The customer extended the life of their existing facility, delaying the need for investment in a new distribution center.

Other demonstrated results reported by customers include:

  • Greater equipment utilization

  • Improved decision logic

  • Resolved bottlenecks

  • Improved system integration

  • Improved throughput and material flow

  • Reduced equipment requirements