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Applied Materials demonstrates value as a global citizen in part by the strategic investment of financial and human resources to improve communities, create opportunities, and offer a brighter future to people around the world. As a company committed to diversity and inclusion, Applied and its Foundation will only consider supporting organizations that offer services without discrimination toward any group or individual and that are dedicated to making a positive social contribution in areas where Applied employees work and live.


  • Education

    Applied Materials supports strategic education efforts focused on student academic achievement, teacher professional development, and specific university projects. By providing young people opportunities to explore new ideas and experiences, the future becomes brighter for all.

    Education Initiative in North America

    Applied Materials is closing the achievement gap in targeted regions in the U.S. Applied launched an Education Initiative in key sites to provide a comprehensive approach targeting the entire educational pathway in selected under-performing neighborhoods.

    Please read the Education Initiative overview or latest progress report for information about the San Jose, CA project.

    Read the latest blog posts about our investments in education.

  • Arts and Culture

    As a long-time leader in supporting arts and cultural programs, Applied Materials invests in programs and partnerships that recognize the essential role the arts play in the community and in education.

    Read the latest blog posts about our investments in arts and culture.

  • Civic Development

    Through our work in local communities, Applied Materials helps meet basic needs, such as food and housing, works with youth-based programs that encourage leadership and civic involvement, and supports the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector

    Read the latest blog posts about our investments in civic development.

  • Environment

    By investing in innovative renewable energy programs, environmental education, and community-based projects - especially those that engage employee volunteers -- Applied Materials is working to build a more sustainable future around the world.

    Read the latest blog posts about our investments in environmental programs.

  • The Tech Awards, Presented by Applied Materials

    Applied Materials is the presenting sponsor of The Tech Awards

    James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award


    The Global Humanitarian Award honors individuals whose broad vision and leadership are helping to address humanity’s greatest challenges. The Award was inspired by Applied Materials Chairman Emeritus, Jim Morgan. Jim demonstrates in his work and his philanthropy that technology can unleash the potential in all of us and turn our ideas into concrete solutions for a better world and that corporations can play a vital role in helping identify and extend the benefits of technology to those who need them most. Watch a short video of the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award.

    Read the latest blog posts about the Tech Awards Program.

Employee Involvement

Encouraging employees to help improve the way people live through volunteerism and giving.

Employees are passionate about a number of critical social issues and Applied's community involvement programs support them in making a difference around the world. The Applied Materials Foundation matches charitable donations made by employees to eligible non-governmental organizations and K-12 schools. Employees volunteer – as individuals or as teams – for a variety of causes of interest to them. And, during an annual Food Drive, employees rally to help alleviate hunger in their local communities.

Read more about employee giving and volunteerism.

Funding Guidelines

  • Education Grants
    Education inspires young minds, opens new doors and paves the way to more promising futures. At Applied Materials, we recognize that many communities and schools lack the resources and programs required to prepare their students for meaningful careers. For this reason, the majority of our K-12 education grants are directed to neighborhoods with the greatest need.

    Specific Criteria for Education Grants

    Applied Materials has a special interest in funding education grant proposals that:

    • Benefit students in grades K-12
    • Focus on traditional skills such as reading, writing, math, science and technology, and other subjects that prepare young people for entering the workforce
    • Address critical education needs through innovative approaches to learning
    • Expand existing efforts in order to reach more students or a wider geographic area
    • Actively partner with other nonprofit groups to create, implement or evaluate shared programs
    • Offer opportunities for employee engagement
    • Address community needs in North America sites where Applied Materials does business
  • Civic Engagement Grants
    When people are actively involved in improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods, they help to create more vibrant, livable communities. With its civic engagement grants, Applied Materials addresses basic needs, such as food and housing, and strengthens the infrastructure of the NGO/nonprofit sector.

    Specific Criteria for Civic and Environmental Grants

    Applied Materials has a special interest in funding grant proposals that:

    • Meet basic needs such as food, water and housing
    • Support the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector and its leadership
    • Provide innovative programs that can be replicated to reach more communities
    • Offer opportunities for employee engagement
    • Address community needs in sites where Applied Materials does business 
  • Arts and Culture Grants
    Creativity sparks the imagination and drives the development of new ideas that can transform the way we live. Artistic expression thrives on diversity, bringing communities together in shared experiences that transcend boundaries and foster understanding. Applied Materials supports efforts that bring the full spectrum of artistic expression to the greater community, from visual and performing arts to community events and workshops.

    Specific Criteria for Arts and Culture Grants

    Applied Materials has a special interest in funding arts and culture grant proposals that:

    • Have broad community appeal
    • Take arts and culture outside traditional settings to reach young people of diverse backgrounds, particularly in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods
    • Support nonprofit organizations in bringing the arts to educational programs and organizations
    • Offer opportunities for employee engagement
    • Serve the North America communities in which Applied Materials does business
  • Environmental Grants
    To engage community members in working toward a more sustainable future, Applied Materials and its Foundation invest in innovative renewable energy programs, environmental education, and community-based projects that demonstrate the importance and value of protecting the environment.

    Specific Criteria for Environmental Grants

    Applied Materials has a special interest in funding grant proposals that:

    • Demonstrate the benefits of solar energy (requests by invitation only)
    • Focus on environmental education for young people, especially in underserved communities
    • Encourage hands on opportunities for employee volunteers and their families
    • Provide innovative programs that can be replicated to reach more communities  
    • Address community needs in sites where Applied Materials does business 

  • Review Process
    Applied Materials and the Foundation will review grant requests semi-annually, with the deadlines of January 15 and June 15.

    Applications should be submitted through our online tool. Our focus areas and grant guidelines remain the same as does our ongoing commitment to make a positive social contribution in communities where our company does business.

    When a proposal matches guidelines and specific criteria for grants, it is forwarded to the Contribution Committees for review and award decisions. Notification dates are two months after grant deadlines.

    Applicants will receive a response from Applied Materials between March 15-31 or August 15-31 depending upon when the request is received.

    For more information please email or


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


  1. INTRODUCTION – CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY at Applied Materials India Private Limited (“Applied Materials India”)

As a responsible corporate citizen, Applied Materials India maintains a commitment to being socially responsible and creating a positive impact in the communities where we operate.  This is reflected in our business practices and diverse programs, including creating a thriving culture for our employees and engaging in community projects. 


Applied Materials India is committed to making a positive social contribution in areas where we have operations. We demonstrate this value by: 

  • Being committed and responsive to the local community
  • Actively engaging employees in CSR initiatives
  • Focusing on CSR initiatives of special importance to the local community

Applied Materials India participates in community activities endorsed by the India CSR Committee, with the support of Applied Materials, Inc.’s Global Community Affairs organization. Our activities are aligned with the corporate initiatives of Applied Materials, Inc., while remaining responsive to the needs of the local Indian community. The following are areas of focus:

The Power of Ideas: Education

Because our business is built on the power of ideas, we are committed to developing the next generation of innovators and engaged global citizens. Priorities include support of:

  • Expanded opportunities for young people to access high-quality education
  • Education programs that equip youth for success in the 21st century global economy          

Community Leadership: Civic Development

Because we take our responsibility to strengthen local communities seriously, we support programs that:

  • Ensure basic needs of shelter, food, and clean water are provided with dignity
  • Build capacity and infrastructure to strengthen the NGO/non-profit sector
  • Facilitate employees’ engagement with their community

Environmental Stewardship: Caring for the Planet

As a company committed to environmental and energy solutions, we also invest in environmental projects to increase community engagement and promote sustainable living. We support:

  • Efforts that showcase the impact of renewable energy
  • Education programs that promote environmental stewardship
  • Environmental projects that engage our employees


Applied Materials India’s charitable funding is in compliance with legal, ethical and business standards. All donations are made in accordance with corporate guidelines and are appropriately documented.

Various projects aligned with the focus areas of education, civic development and environmental stewardship are identified, then evaluated and assessed by the CSR Committee based on pre-defined criteria. The process of evaluation and selection is documented to ensure complete transparency. Evaluation is made to determine if the project fits within Applied Materials India’s focus areas for community intervention and the India Corporate Social Responsibility Rules, 2013.


The planning of CSR activities for the year is prepared by the CSR Committee. This consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Schedule of proposed disbursal of funds over the period of financial year
  • Determining how grant disbursement is aligned with focus area; meets a community need, addresses identified problem or cause
  • The responsibilities and authorities for execution of activities
  • Reporting on the status of regular monitoring of funded projects

The CSR Plan is executed by the Applied Materials India Communications and Public Affairs function and supported by the CSR Committee. Employees are also encouraged to be involved in the execution of the activities, as appropriate.

The beneficiary of grant funding is asked to submit a Status Report on a quarterly basis. Any significant change in funding of projects or activities is brought to the attention of the CSR Committee as part of this status report. The CSR Committee must give prior approval if an approved beneficiary plans to use funds in a way that is not consistent with the grant agreement.


The CSR Committee, which meets every quarter or as needed, and at least annually, regularly monitors the status of execution against the CSR Plan through:

  • Review of status reports submitted by beneficiaries
  • Field Visits by appropriate persons who report their findings to the CSR Committees
  • Review of funds awarded

Based on status and Field Visit reports, the CSR Committee determines corrective actions, if any are needed, along with target dates and tracks the corrective actions to closure.

Additionally, each beneficiary of a grant is required to submit an Annual Impact Report to Applied Materials India.


As a socially responsible company, Applied Materials India works with non-profit organizations, community groups, local government bodies and authorities, schools and other educational institutions to make the Applied Materials India’s commitment to CSR a reality.  

Applied Materials India’s employees also engage in several community programs which enhance the company’s CSR initiatives. Globally, Applied Materials India networks and collaborates with the Applied Materials, Inc.’s Global Affairs organization to share ideas and experiences and to ensure we are aware of current corporate responsibility practices.


Srinivas Satya

President & Managing Director - Applied Materials India
Director - Applied Materials India Board

Shan Ponnambalam

Director, PMO (Vendor Management Office & Engineering Collaboration and Director - Applied Materials India Board

Dwarakanath Ramaswamy

Chief Financial Officer, Applied Materials India
Director - Applied Materials India Board

Ashwini Aggarwal

Director, Government Affairs- India

Magesh Subramanian

Manager, Site Operations – India

Cariappa Baduvamanda

Director, Applied Global Services, India

Deepa Sasidharan

Manager, Communications & Public Affairs – India



The Applied Materials India Corporate Social Responsibility policy conforms to the Guidelines mandated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Activities selected are as per Corporate Social Responsibility Rules, 2013.

Year for CSR runs from 1st of April of the year to 31st of March of the next year and first of such year starts from 1st April 2014 as per the Corporate Social Security Rules, 2013.

The surplus arising out of the CSR projects or programs or activities shall not form part of the business profit of a company.