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1967-1979: The Early Years

  • 1979

    Sales: $41.9M R&D: $5.4M Patents: 5
    Key Accomplishments
    • Established Applied Materials Japan
  • 1978

    Sales: $27.8M R&D: $3.6M Patents: 3
  • 1977

    Sales: $23.7M R&D: $2M Patents: 6
    Key Accomplishments
    • James C. Morgan named chief executive officer
  • 1976

    Sales: $16.9M R&D: $1.2M Patents: 7
    Key Accomplishments
    • First commercial plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system
  • 1975

    Sales: $13.1M R&D: $1.3M Patents: 8
    Key Accomplishments
    • Established Great Western Silicon, a joint venture with Fairchild to produce the polycrystalline silicon used to make silicon wafers
  • 1974

    Sales: $28.9M R&D: $1.4M Patents: 10
    Key Accomplishments
    • Moved into Building 1, a new facility on Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara, California, and consolidated all company activities under one roof
  • 1973

    Sales: $18.3M R&D: $992K Patents: 3
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the In-Source 1500 physical vapor deposition system, a radio frequency inductive-heated source for evaporated aluminum
  • 1972

    Sales: $6.3M R&D: $687K Patents: 3
    Key Accomplishments
    • Announced the company's first public stock offering
  • 1971

    Sales: $4.1M R&D: $707K Patents: 4
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the AMC 740 Isomax, the first commercial epitaxial reactor Japan
    • Opened first office in Europe
  • 1970

    Sales: $7.3M Patents: 5
    Key Accomplishments
    • First commercial production system for depositing films used in LED displays
  • 1969

    Patents: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • First radiantly-heated chemical vapor deposition reactor produced to build semiconductors
  • 1968

    Patents: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • Entered the chemical vapor deposition market with the AMS 2600 Silox reactor, the first commercial system for depositing a thin film of silicon dioxide onto the surface of a wafer
    • Introduced the AMV 800D vertical epitaxial reactor system, enabling processing of eight two-inch wafers at a time
  • 1967

    Patents: 0
    Key Accomplishments
    • Began in a small industrial unit in Mountain View, California