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下一代 NAND

Expanding the storage capacity of NAND Flash memory is achieved by stacking multiple memory arrays on top of each other, thereby multiplying the capacity of the chip. The capacity can be further increased by reducing the size of each cell. Applied's innovative systems are helping Flash memory manufacturers scale this technology to 96 pairs and beyond.

由于传统闪存存储单元的进一步微缩己愈来愈不可行,很多领先的制造商正着手开发所谓的“3D 堆叠式 NAND”技术。多重 2D 存储阵列是以层层相叠方式来制造,因此能增加芯片容量而不需要减少每个单元的大小。应用材料公司 应用材料公司的创新系统帮助闪存存储制造商实现这项令人兴奋的新技术。

存储设备制造商正在开发建立多达 16 层 3D 单元阵列的方法。这种设计与传统的平面布局相比,可提供更大的存储密度,但由此也需要制造出非常高的结构,因而带来新的制造难题。

Applied has developed breakthrough manufacturing technology to help its memory customers to implement these remarkable structures in high-volume manufacturing.