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Just as semiconductor technology enabled computers to shrink from room-sized to palm-sized, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) replace traditional mechanical and electronic devices such as actuators, transducers and gears with micrometer-scale equivalents that can transform whole industries.

MEMS devices are all around us today – from accelerometers and gyroscopes that enable today’s sophisticated mobile interfaces to automobile navigation and airbag sensors, and medical and communications devices.

The micrometer-scale moving parts of MEMS devices are fabricated using techniques derived from semiconductor IC processing such as plasma etch, thin film deposition and photolithography.

Applied Materials has the industry’s most comprehensive range of production-proven systems for MEMS device manufacturing, offering customers cost-effective processes for the most critical MEMS device fabrication applications.

Applied’s deep understanding of the challenges of MEMS device design and fabrication gives customers a competitive edge by allowing them to source proven MEMS toolsets from a world class vendor, backed up by an unmatched service and support infrastructure. In addition, Applied is working with research partners around the world to develop new materials and new processes to advance the state of the art in MEMS technology and high-volume MEMS manufacturing.

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