Materials to Device Simulation

Software simulations of materials and devices are key for accelerating technology development. They help expedite both learning (i.e., understanding the device physics and material implications for process improvement) and material/ device codesign (material screening, performance optimization).

Semiconductor device simulations are becoming increasingly complex because of the continuous shrinking of device dimensions, the adoption of complex 3D geometries, and the introduction of new materials. These fundamental changes seriously complicate technology development: new phenomena, either detrimental for device reliability or purposely exploited for device operation (e.g., ion migration, phase change, ferroelectricity) came into play, mandating the adoption of new multi-physics multiscale simulation tools connecting electrical device performance to material properties.


Consequently, device simulations have become mandatory to characterize device operation (learning); to investigate how material/geometry/process variations affect device electrical performance, including reliability and variability (exploration); and to optimize the device/technology (design).

The Applied Materials MDLxGroup, formerly MDLSoft, is a team dedicated to the development and deployment of Ginestra™, Applied’s materials-device simulation software.