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Producer® Optiva™ CVD

The Applied Producer Optiva low-temperature CVD system complements Applied Producer InVia™ and Applied Producer Avila™ low-temperature, high-quality oxide and nitride films for TSV and other advanced packaging applications.

The Optiva system deposits a highly conformal, polymer-compatible oxide that can serve as a protective layer on top of the micro-lens in backside illuminated CMOS image sensors (BSI CIS) and as the insulation liner of high aspect ratio TSVs for CIS. TSV fabrication involves thinning device wafers and bonding them to temporary carriers made of glass or silicon. As typical bonding adhesives have thermal budgets of approximately 200ºC, all subsequent processing on these temporarily bonded wafers must be done below 200ºC. BSI CIS necessitates similarly low-temperature processing due to the thermal budget set by the polymer material used for the micro-lens.

The Optiva system also meets other BSI CIS requirements, such as transparency and compatibility with the polymer material of the micro-lens. In addition, the system offers considerable flexibility in modulating film properties and conformality in-situ by combining the superior step coverage obtained with thermal CVD technology and the excellent hermeticity typical of plasma processes. The superior conformality of the deposited film improves light transmission in BSI CIS, which are >50% more sensitive than conventional front-illuminated sensors. Its excellent hermeticity is crucial in protecting the micro-lenses from moisture.

The Optiva system’s deposition processes run on the production-proven Twin Chamber® Producer® GT™ platform that can process up to six wafers simultaneously. Not only does the platform demonstrate superior handling of bonded wafers, its flexible architecture can accommodate Applied's complete portfolio of TSV dielectric processes for efficient integration development. Delivering double or triple the throughput of other available systems for low-temperature dielectric films, the Producer GT platform also significantly reduces cost of ownership per wafer.