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Endura® Extensa™ TTN

The Applied Endura Extensa TTN offers customers integration flexibility in transitioning to copper interconnect for improved device performance. Its robust deposition technology delivers a production-worthy process for barrier deposition in Flash and DRAM devices at 5xnm and below.

Integrated on the industry-leading Endura platform, the system's deposition process addresses the need for scalable copper barriers and copper-aluminum or copper-tungsten diffusion barriers. Offering uniquely broad PVD manufacturing capability for titanium, metallic titanium nitride (TiN), and fully-nitrided TiN deposition in the same chamber without hardware changes, Extensa TTN can also accommodate Cs liner and bond pad applications.

The system's uniform step coverage and sheet resistance (non-uniformity <3% 1σ) allows a thinner barrier stack to be deposited, to reduce overhang and facilitate void-free gap fill. The chamber is equipped with grounded, single-piece, CleanCoat™ aluminum kits to deliver the industry's best defect performance (<10 @ 0.12μm) and operates at a lower cost of consumables than other available barrier deposition systems. Thinner film and less pasting also lower the cost of ownership per wafer.

Extensa TTN features a flux-shaping, high-ionization, dual-magnet source, that delivers good step coverage (>40% for 0.10μm 4:1 aspect ratio), with low center-edge bottom and sidewall asymmetry (~1:1). Side electro-magnets enable process tuning flexibility to accommodate different types of features and to compensate for etch-related variations in feature size.