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Centura® HDP CVD

The Applied Centura Ultima HDP CVD system is the industry-leading, multi-generational workhorse delivering proven, void-free gapfill for ≤200mm applications. Its reactor design and process technology deposits both undoped (USG) and doped (PSG and low-k FSG) films for a wide range of applications, including STI, PMD, ILD, IMD, and passivation. Process technologies can be switched with a simple recipe change to achieve the same exceptional film quality, high throughput, and low operating cost.

In a compact footprint, up to three Ultima HDP CVD chambers can be installed onto the production-proven Centura platform for a throughput of up to 40 WPH. The process chamber uses no consumable parts, and its remote plasma cleaning process requires no cover wafer to protect the electrostatic chuck.