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Centura® AdvantEdge™ Mesa™ Etch

The Applied Centura AdvantEdge Mesa silicon etch system brings ångstrom-level precision to shallow trench isolation, buried bit/word line, and double patterning at 32nm and below. Its breakthrough inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source improves uniformity by eliminating inherent ICP ring-shaped power coupling signatures. Maximum process latitude can be achieved by controlling center-to-edge plasma characteristics.

Advanced chamber materials reduce cost of ownership and increase throughput by making possible "clean-mode" operation. In addition, first-wafer effects are eliminated, thereby ensuring wafer-to-wafer process repeatability, as proven in production.

AdvantEdge Mesa demonstrates <1% etch depth non-uniformity to the extreme edge of the wafer, <1nm 3σ CD bias uniformity, and the highest available wafer throughput at half the running cost of alternative advanced silicon etch tools.

Pulsync adds innovative synchronized plasma pulsing capability for extended plasma control of neutral-to-ion densities. With this technology, customers experience reduced microloading, which enables patterning and critical silicon etch advances at the 3xnm node and beyond. Pulsync delivers radical-rich, low-electron-temperature plasmas, which minimize damage from ultraviolet radiation and charge buildup for gate etch.

The system's advanced electrostatic chuck edge-temperature control offers enhanced temperature uniformity control at the extreme edge of the wafer, to increase the number of yielding dies per wafer.