Vantage® RadOx RTP

Utilizing Applied Materials’ rapid thermal processing (RTP) technology coupled with radical oxidation chemistry, the Applied Vantage® RadOxTM RTP systems enables node-to-node extendibility and breaks through scaling barriers for critical oxidation steps in multiple device technologies, including advanced memory, logic, and foundry.  

Key applications of Vantage RadOx include memory gate oxide, peripheral oxide formation, shallow trench isolation (STI) liner oxide, 3D-NAND high aspect ratio oxidation and various dielectric treatments. 

With precise wafer temperature control and in-process monitoring, RadOx delivers superior-quality oxide on the compact, high-productivity, production-proven Vantage platform. These features have established RadOx as the industry standard for single-wafer thermal oxidation. 

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Multi-point in situ wafer temperature monitoring and control to provide best-in-class within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformity 

  • Large temperature operating window to meet thermal budget & oxide quality requirements 

  • Compact, high-productivity platform to maximize wafer output per footprint

Vantage RadOx RTP