Vantage® Radiance® Plus RTP

The Applied Vantage® Radiance® Plus RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing) system is the industry benchmark for single wafer rapid thermal technology for high temperature atmospheric and reduced pressure soak and spike annealing. Combining world-class RTP chamber technology with a high-volume production-proven, low cost-of-ownership Vantage® platform, the system’s streamlined design allows for shipment as a single unit, enabling quick install and faster start-up time to production.

The Vantage® Radiance® Plus RTP system leverages established Radiance chamber technology that includes a multi-zone honeycomb lamp source array with a state-of-the-art temperature control system. It also includes a proprietary pyrometry and emissometry design that enables precise high frequency closed loop temperature control for wafers with varying emissivities over a wide temperature range, from >220°C with ultra-low temperature capability, to <1350°C with ultra-high temperature capability. Coupling its hardware architecture and temperature controller, the Radiance Plus RTP system is optimized to deliver industry cutting edge spike anneal capability with less than 1.5s dwell times at less than 1ppm O2 ambient control. Utilizing a magnetically levitated high speed wafer rotation system, the Radiance Plus RTP system is designed for superior thermal wafer uniformity performance.  

Key applications of the Radiance Plus RTP system include well and source-drain dopant activation anneals, HKMG (high-k metal gate) reliability anneals, ambient sensitive metal silicide anneals, densification anneals, stress-modulation anneals, ultra-high temperature denuded zone formation anneals adopted in various semiconductor technology segments, including advanced memory, logic and foundry and wafer manufacturers.

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Multi-point in situ wafer temperature monitoring to provide best-in-class within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformity

  • <1ppm O2 ambient control

  • <1.5s industry-standard sharp spike capability

  • Large thermal window to meet thermal budget for different anneal applications 

  • Compact, high-productivity platform to maximize wafer output per footprint

  • Automation with Smart® Radiance® capability for enhanced system productivity


Vantage Radiance Plus RTP