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fault current limiters

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Topic: Fault Current Limiters - Unlocking Capacity in Fault Constrained Electrical Networks
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As power demands worldwide continue to grow, fault currents become a larger-than-ever hindrance to achieving stable grids and consistent power quality. Applied Materials has developed a promising and innovative solution to address this challenge.

Reliable Power Grids for an Energy Intensive Future

The surging demands for power are here to stay. When fault currents pose a constraint to evacuating more power or cause voltage instability, FCL technology offers a practical solution.

Enabling N+1 or N-1 Redundancy

An FCL with low x/r ratio shunt reactor improves the transient stability of the generators, thus reducing outages while retaining grid stiffness.

Impedance on Demand

FCLs work on the principle of "impedance on demand." There is no impedance during normal operations. Additional impedance becomes active only during a fault condition, thereby reducing the fault current. When the fault condition goes away the system returns to its original condition.