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iSystem® Controller

The Applied iSystem controller is the industry’s only subfab solution that optimizes subfab resource consumption without any risk to process or throughput. Many customers have achieved rapid ROI after iSystem controller installation.

While monitoring tool operation, the Applied iSystem controller collects valuable data that can be used to generate resource consumption reports and greenhouse emissions reports among other environmental factors. Each small footprint iSystem controller is capable of supporting up to four tools and is easily installed on both Applied and non-Applied Materials 200mm and 300mm process tools. With more than 1,000 units currently installed, manufacturers have reported a rapid return on investment.


  • Easy installation in new and existing fabs

  • Configurable at tool or subfab level

  • Fail-safe safety protocol

  • True fab and subfab synchronization

  • Intelligent idle mode


  • Reduces energy-related costs by ~20%

  • Connects to process tools in real-time

  • Enables green features with no equipment changes

  • Provides continuous greenhouse emissions reporting

  • Recovers from idle to process state fuel flow in <2 seconds