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Applied SmartFactory® Yield Management

Yield Management
Provides automated analysis and reporting fab-wide
Yield Management

The Applied SmartFactory Yield Management System is a fab-wide solution that loads, pre-aligns, and analyzes all yield relevant data to provide automated analysis and reporting. Customers rely on Yield Management to increase speed-to-value, lower cost of deployment, and increase productivity.

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Value for your Fab: Automate Yield and Excurion Analysis

The SmartFactory Yield Management System (YMS) provides the capability to automate analyses to drive improvements, reducing the need for IT support. Standard and advanced data analysis tools exist that can be integrated to enable efficient excursion detection.

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SmartFactory Yield Management is a Complete Solution with Unique Capabilities for New Factories

The YMS includes best-in-class spatial pattern and data mining tools, product characterization tools and design of experiment (DOE) capabilities. Its analyses provide a unique value in fabs as manufacturing ramps from one-of-a-kind tools to high volume manufacturing toolsets.

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Genealogy is more than connectivity; it is about making fast analyses to recover from excursions. The SmartFactory YMS genealogy database tracks changes in context data such as, changes in LotID, new context data after dicing, new ProductID, and consumption of components in a multi-chip module. This enables the link between individual die from the fab to the field. Root cause analyses of final test parameters can be easily viewed on a virtual wafer map. The traceability of products allows for more intelligent excursion control and management of return materials authorization.

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Through the use of YMS, a customer was able to identify the root cause of a parametric uniformity problem. The resolution of this issue resulted in a savings of $1.1 million dollars. The customer subsequently used the analysis flow to solve 3 more uniformity issues in the same year leading to additional savings.

Another customer was able to reduce their excursion analysis time. Historically their process required 8 hour of analysis. Through the implementation of the YMS and its automated capability, the customer can execute the same analysis in 10 minutes. This results in a significant reduction in excursion detection and resolution time.

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