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AKT® New Aristo™ Touch

A state-of-the-art capacitive touch panel consists of multiple silicon dioxide (SiO2) indium tin oxide (ITO) metal and metal alloy films deposited on either one or both sides of a glass substrate (see illustration). The Aristo Twin system’s parallel architecture allows a single Aristo Twin system to deposit all the PVD film layers required by capacitive touch panel manufacturing process flows.

The system also delivers a new level of productivity for touch panel manufacturing. The system achieves up to 40% higher output than competing alternatives. The separate vacuum track concept, combined with production-proven deposition chambers and substrate transport mechanisms, ensures high uptime. One vacuum track can undergo maintenance while the other vacuum track is still up and running production.

To further extend maintenance intervals, the deposition modules feature leading-edge rotary target technology which enables much higher target utilization than conventional planar targets, and gives optimum film quality and particle control for high production yield.