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Metrology and Inspection

Together with metrology and wafer inspection, defect review, analysis, and classification are vital in semiconductor fabrication, providing the means to monitor and control the quality of individual steps in the manufacturing sequence.

Metrological procedures verify that target physical and electrical properties of the devices under production are being met at every step of the fabrication sequence, while wafer inspection identifies surface particles, pattern flaws, and other conditions that may compromise performance of the completed device. Defects discovered by inspection are subject to review, analysis, and classification to sort “nuisance” (or unimportant) defects from those that do pose a threat to a device’s physical integrity or electrical performance.

Applied offers a full suite of metrology, inspection, and review systems for front- and back-end-of-line applications. These systems’ optical capabilities and algorithms meet the most advanced technical demands, such as self-aligned double and quad patterning, extreme ultraviolet layers, measurement-intensive optimal proximity correction mask qualification, and emerging 3D architectures that make complete and accurate imaging more challenging. Their leading-edge capabilities enable chipmakers to establish accurate statistical process control, ramp up production runs rapidly, and achieve consistently high production yields.