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Applied Baccini® LTCC - Low Temperature
Co-Fired Ceramic Equipment

Combining precision alignment and high throughput substrate handling, Applied’s puncher, screen printer and stacker systems enable Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics for manufacturing compact and robust multilayer electronic circuits.

The Applied Baccini LTCC puncher for via formation, screen printers for via fill and patterned printing of conductor lines, and a stacker to accurately collate multiple layers compromise a complete solution for LTCC packaging.

Applied Baccini LTCC
Punching System
Applied Baccini LTCC
Screen Print Line
Applied Baccini LTCC Stacker
Punch vias and alignment holes at rates of up to 30 holes per second and with
+/- 5 micron precision. The puncher is fully automated with a vision alignment system and a camera for post-punching inspection
and automatic calibration. The system is also available
in custom pin configurations.
A high-productivity screen print and hot-air drying system, combining reliable frameless substrate handling with multi-camera alignment technology for precise printing.Designed for high productivity with <10s cycle times, inline foil removal, and accuracy to within +/- 5 microns using four high resolution cameras.


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