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Electron beam evaporation system for security application

Based on more than 35 years of experience with electron beam web coating and sputtering web coating, the TopBeam™ 1100S system combines the advantages of both process worlds:

  • Electron beam evaporation offers the highest coating speed of all vacuum coating processes. Compared to sputtering, the coating speed for oxides can be a factor of 100 to several thousand times higher. For high coating thickness uniformity a closed-loop inline control system both in transverse and machine direction is mandatory. This requirement is fulfilled with ESCOSYS™ in combination with the appropriate in-line measurement system. With electron beam evaporation a wide variety of different metals and oxides can be evaporated. For materials specified in the TopBeam™ system, type and shape of the respective evaporation crucibles are optimized.
  • Sputtering processes offer an even higher variety of different coating materials than electron beam evaporation, and for metallic sputtering processes the transverse coating thickness uniformity is more or less inherent.

The TopBeam™ 1100S system is the optimum solution for layer stacks consisting of thick oxide layers and thin metal layers. The coating speeds for the single layers can be fitted to each other and both layers can be produced with single-pass coating. For other cases, or for more complex layer stacks, the reversible winding system can be used.