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Applied Tempo™ Metallization System

The Tempo screen printer sets a new standard in cell manufacturing, supporting fast ramp time to production, a proven industry-record output of more than 75,000 wafers per day and the highest yields of high-efficiency cells.

The Tempo system is Applied Materials’ highest productivity platform for crystalline silicon PV cell production. The new metallization platform addresses industry demand for high productivity at the lowest cost per watt, processing more than 3,200 wafers per hour at greater than 92% uptime. Capable of supporting industry-leading Applied Fine Line Double Print™ technology, the new integrated metallization and test & sort platform produces high-efficiency cells at high yields with minimal fine line “finger” interrupts. Extendable to advanced cell architectures, the Tempo metallization system is designed to support current and future industry roadmaps for cell efficiency and cost targets.

Features and Benefits

  • Lowest cost per watt with greater than 3,200 wafers per hour
  • Up to 0.2% cell efficiency gain with Fine Line Double Print
  • Highest yield with no finger interrupts
  • Industry’s lowest breakage rate of less than 0.2%
  • Greater than 92% system uptime enabled by advanced automation and software, and easy access for maintenance