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Innovation Centers

Maydan Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Laboratory for Semiconductor Technology Development and Customer Collaboration

The Maydan Technology Center (MTC) is a billion-dollar, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to advanced chip making. With $100M reinvested each year to keep the center at the cutting edge, MTC is fine-tuned for rapid testing and development to accelerate our customers’ time to market. More than 500 Applied engineers work 24/7 alongside customers to bring new semiconductor designs to life.

MTC is the heart of Applied’s innovation engine. This unique center allows us to collaborate from the very beginning of the design process—often two generations ahead of current technologies—to expand what’s possible. MTC is both a fab and a test lab—allowing customers to test each manufacturing step under one roof. With over 120 advanced process tools ranging from lithography to deposition and etch, as well as 80 metrology and inspection tools, the center provides customers with a unique capability to speed transitions to new technologies, shorten cycle times to production and bring new products to market with reduced risk.