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Applied Smartfactory® Defect Management

Defect Management
Solution for monitoring defects or failures real-time
Defect Management

The Applied SmartFactory Defect Management solution integrates defect, wafer mapping, e-test, tool WIP, and metrology data for overall monitoring and alarming. Customers rely on Defect Management to increase speed-to-value, lower cost of deployment, and improve productivity.

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Enable Fabwide Monitoring Excellence

The SmartFactory Defect Management System (DMS) is a real-time inline monitoring software solution that is designed to track, identify, and classify defects for small or large multi-factory deployments. It provides a powerful means for quickly detecting defects or failures in a fab that can occur at any process or from any tool.

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Improve Productivity and Reduce Analysis Time

The DMS helps customers improve productivity and reduce analysis time to find and correct defects and excursions in the fab. It offers easy to use set-up menus for reports, extensive wafer mapping views and functions, and enables customers to isolate problems to specific tools.

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Choose The Global Leader in Defect Management

SmartFactory DMS is the leader in enabling customers to quickly identify and resolve excursions. Through automated reports, alerts and alarms, accelerating trouble-shooting and quick decision-making in real-time is achieved.

One customer recognized $1.2M in savings within 3 months by implementing DMS Spatial Pattern Recognition for real-time lot dispositioning.

Another customer was able to identify an excursion issue at one site that could not be verified at the second site. It took days for the second site to identify that the problem existed. With the deployment of the integrated DMS, the customer can now verify an excursion issue in minutes rather than days.

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