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Applied Materials offer a broad portfolio of equipment solutions that address a wide variety of applications for the evolving packaging industry. Installed throughout the world, our roll-to-roll vacuum coating product line sets the industry standard for depositing uniform flexible barrier films with superior gas/moisture barrier properties that maximize freshness and extend shelf life of consumer goods.

  • TopMet™ for flexible barriers - Al metallic or AlOx transparent
  • TopMet™ IP for inline printing
  • TopMet™ CLEAR for transparent AlOx barriers. Deposited with or without high power plasma assistance, with optional integrated topcoat capability.
  • TopBeam™ for high speed advanced coatings for different types of transparent (oxide) coatings on packaging materials
  • TopCoil for quasi-”pinhole free“ evaporation by inductively heated crucibles
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APPLIED TOPCOIL™ 應用, 技術 應用, 技術 應用, 技術
Applied TopMet™ 應用, 技術 應用, 技術 應用, 技術
APPLIED TOPMET™ CLEAR 應用, 技術 應用, 技術 應用, 技術
APPLIED TOPMET™ IP 應用, 技術 應用, 技術 應用, 技術