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Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez

Tool Output Practice Leader


Fab tool output, variability, excursion control, baseline particle improvement, equipment CIP, software analytical tools, factory design, startup and ramp. Global experience in semiconductor and thin-film solar technologies.

About Tony

Tony leads Applied’s Tool Output Practice consultancy. For more than 30 years—including over a decade with Applied he’s helped fabs tackle their most difficult productivity challenges. His experience in high volume manufacturing is broad and deep: design, installation, equipment engineering, new fab start-up and ramp for factories in the US, Europe and Asia, and a stint as operations director for the Applied Materials Maydan Technology Center.

Recently he’s been working on the design and implementation of methodical processes that have substantially improved customers’ factory bottlenecks, uncovering underlying issues and opportunities to reduce scrap, minimize particles, control excursions and process drift, and improve Cpk. Tony’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive performance change, uncovering hidden opportunities to solve problems for customers and identifying areas for continuous improvement of Applied’s equipment.

Previous Experience

Over 30 years in Equipment Engineering, High Volume Manufacturing, Fab Operations, Equipment Engineering and Facilities Management at leading semiconductor fabs.

Recent published works

"Moving from Reactive to Predictive Maintenance
Nanochip Fab Solutions, December 2012


  • University of LaVerne MBA
  • University of LaVerne BSc