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Applied TopMet™

Efficient use of raw materials and power, fully automated process control and ease of operation ensure lowest overall operation costs. Our award winning in-line layer thickness monitoring systems offers consistent coating uniformity along with in-line plasma pre-treatment to improve bonding strengths and gas permeability.

Applied Materials' TopMet roll-to-roll coating system provides the latest production solutions for the packaging industry. Utilizing a thermal evaporation process, thin layers of aluminum are metallized onto flexible substrates, such as plastic or pre-coated paper, for the production of protective packaging or decorative materials. TopMet offers state-of-the-art engineering, equipped with advanced high rate evaporation sources, closed-loop automatic layer control, self-diagnostic out-of-range monitoring, and high-performance pumping systems. As the industry leader for innovative production solutions, this system is available in various coating widths ranging from 1,250mm to the world’s largest system at 4,450mm in width, with an astonishing machine speed of up to 20 meters-per-second.