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AKT® PECVD System for a-Si TFT-LCD

The industry-leading Applied AKT-PECVD platform deposits insulating films on large-area glass substrates for the fabrication of LCD screens. Applied Materials’ PECVD systems are used by virtually every major TFT-LCD manufacturer in Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan.

AKT-PECVD systems offer processes for both amorphous silicon (a-Si) and metal oxide (MO) backplane technologies. Available films include both doped and undoped (a-Si), silicon oxide, silicon oxynitride (SiON), silicon nitride, and in-situ multi-layer depositions.

Applied’s advanced PECVD technology provide a rapid, cost-effective path to bring metal oxide transistor technology to market, an emerging technology for manufacturing next-generation ultrahigh-resolution displays. Applied’s PECVD silicon oxide films provide a dielectric layer interface for metal oxide transistors that minimizes hydrogen impurities to improve transistor stability and provide optimized screen performance.

Proprietary process chamber technology enables AKT-PECVD systems to deliver excellent film uniformity and electrical properties over the complete range of glass sizes used in the display industry from Gen 2 (0.2m2) all the way up to Gen 10 (9m2).