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Nanochip Fab Solutions Jan 2020
Making and Managing the Intelligent Factory

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Semiconductor and display manufacturing are highly complex undertakings, but in that complexity lay many opportunities to improve the speed, efficiency, productivity and environmental impact of production tools and factory systems.

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經過多年來對移動裝置柔性、折疊螢幕的討論後,這類最符合邏輯的折疊手 機今年將首度上市 — 但同時仍然面臨一些尚未解決的問題和挑戰。
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過去幾年中,應用材料公司引領著半 導體製造業確定大數據分析道路。

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Leading conference on process control solutions for semiconductor and related high precision industries slated for San Antonio, Texas on October 28-31, 2019.

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Manufacturers can turn periods of lower utilization to their benefit by using the available time to take proactive steps to increase the performance and productivity of their equipment and fab operations.

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Developing security standards so that data analysis experts can work together to solve thorny process control challenges remains a top priority as semiconductor manufacturing moves to a smart manufacturing model.

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Given today’s high market demand for semiconductor products, device manufacturers are looking for ways to maximize the output of good wafers from their fabs−and optimize their returns on invested capital.

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Among the many tenets of smart manufacturing, “digital twin” solutions represent a significant opportunity for microelectronics manufacturers to leverage existing and emerging technologies to improve quality and throughput, and reduce variability and cost.

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To unlock the full potential of their manufacturing systems and personnel, companies in many industries are rapidly moving toward highly automated systems and digital data-driven methods and tools. Widely known as “smart manufacturing” or Industry 4.0, the resulting productivity improvements are often so dramatic that many people are calling this shift a new industrial revolution.

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