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TechEdge™ Services

TechEdge services are integrated, advanced service solutions to target higher device performance, better tool availability and improved yield – all at a lower cost. These technology-enabled capabilities provide a new dimension in Applied service by combining highly-customizable traditional support services with advanced technology—software, sensors and control mechanisms.

TechEdge combines technical experts and cutting-edge service technologies to help customers uncover problems and develop long-term solutions. TechEdge capabilities are packaged with and complement Applied service programs. TechEdge Service Technologies have proven customer results:

  • Reduced PM green to green time, higher tool uptime
  • Improved Cpk through tighter uniformity control
  • Scrap reduction & prevention
  • Lower defects
  • Higher yields
  • Better overall process performance with predictive modeling

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TechEdge Services

Our TechEdge services provide unprecedented capabilities to help device manufacturers reduce scrap, cut costs and increase output by identifying sources of yield and productivity loss or inefficiency. These capabilities enable Applied service programs to take fabs to the next level by moving them from reactive operations to a more predictive operational model.

TechEdge™ Excursion Control

A new technology-enabled advanced service offering that uses a combination of sensor tracking technology and OEM certified engineers to reduce or eliminate process excursions that impact yield and unscheduled downtime.

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