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Applied SmartFactory® Rx Advanced Maintenance

Advanced Maintenance
Predict and optimize maintenance activities
Applied SmartFactory® Rx Advanced Maintenance

Equipment maintenance in pharma is a critical part of ensuring reliable manufacturing processes. Maintenance organizations need flexibility in scheduling maintenance operations to minimize disruption while ensuring compliance and delivering maximum efficiency. To achieve these results, SmartFactory Rx Advanced Maintenance performs as an intelligent computerized maintenance management platform to predict maintenance needs in pharma manufacturing plants, drive consistent equipment availability and minimize downtime.

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Predict maintenance and reduce downtime

Regular maintenance doesn’t have to impact production. By predicting when maintenance is needed, and creating business rules that balance maintenance needs against those of manufacturing, SmartFactory Rx Advanced Maintenance helps plants operate with optimal downtime schedules.

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Optimize equipment uptime

Lower production costs by increasing equipment uptime and plant productivity through the automated management of planned, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. Alerts and alarms are generated in real-time while both automatic and manual inputs are tracked from people, MES and ERP systems. SmartFactory Rx Advanced Maintenance improves equipment availability while decreasing labor and parts costs.

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Manage Pharma Complexity

The core software was developed to meet the demanding needs of complex semiconductor manufacturers and has been adapted for pharma. Its out-of-the-box functionality enables efficient modeling, planning and execution of the wide range of maintenance tasks required in quality-driven, tightly regulated pharmaceutical plants.

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