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ActaCell, Inc. is an Austin, Texas based technology start-up commercializing next generation lithium-ion battery technology. This technology will deliver substantially longer cycle life at low cost while maintaining safety as the number one priority. Merged with Contour Energy Systems.

Adesto Technologies

Adesto Technologies is a Silicon Valley fabless semiconductor company.

Advanced Inquiry Systems

Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc. is developing easily scalable full wafer, single touchdown, test solutions that shorten test times, lower test costs and provide early feedback to the design and manufacturing processes. AISI?s systems approach to reducing total test costs addresses a $10 billion test market and its unique full wafer contact technologies address all semiconductor market segments with advantages in signal integrity, bandwidth, test cell footprint, reduced capital expenditures and lower operating costs.



Avegant creates light field displays for augmented and mixed reality.

BT Imaging

BT Imaging's goal is to help enable the photovoltaic industry to reach grid parity across the world. From achieving higher ingot quality and differentiated wafer quality to the best cell efficiency and highest module reliability, the company's portfolio of proprietary photoluminescence-based inspection tools enable photovoltaic manufacturers to maximize their yields and profits. Based in Sydney, Australia, BT Imaging has customers and operations in Asia, Europe and the USA.


Devicescape provides the only complete wireless software suite that empowers device manufacturers and organizations to deliver on the promise of life without wires to their end users. The Devicescape suite is the industry's first and only comprehensive set of software solutions that enable the creation of a broad range of wireless devices that can be easily connected and seamlessly managed on a home or office network.



Electroninks develops unique high performance metal inks for printed electronics, with use cases in areas varying from semiconductor coatings, to electrical connectors, contacts, and traces in thin, lightweight, and flexible consumer devices.

Enki Technology

Enki Technology is a commercial stage company that develops and markets highly functionalized coating materials. Focused on the solar photovoltaic industry, Enki reduces the cost of solar generated electricity by fundamentally changing and optimizing the way solar modules interface with their end use environments. Enki Technology’s CleanARC® products have been designed to solve lingering challenges in soiling losses, efficiency, and reliability to deliver peak performance and protection over the full life of the solar module

Enphase Energy


Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) provides solar energy management systems for residential and commercial markets. These systems include high-efficiency micro-inverters, communications and web-based analytics. Enphase micro-inverters increase energy harvest and simplify design, installation and management of solar panels. Enphase solutions will be widely available through leading solar installers, distribution partners and OEMs. Went IPO: NASDAQ:ENPH



eXo’s mission is to make high fidelity medical imaging accessible across the world. eXo is developing a low cost 3D ultrasound platform that will enable broadly deployable imaging and therapeutic applications.

Fat Spaniel Technologies


Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. provides monitoring and reporting services for distributed, renewable energy systems - enabling more efficient diagnostics and maintenance, more compelling visualization, and more usable revenue-grade data for billing, REC trading and performance-based incentives. Fat Spaniel acts as an independent monitoring service provider and delivers information that is used by system owners, system installers, power purchase agreement (PPA) service providers, equipment manufacturers, project financing firms, renewable energy credit markets and energy utility regulatory agencies. Fat Spaniel products are presently deployed in over 1000 locations in 12 countries worldwide. Acquired by Power-One.


Glimmerglass manufactures automated fiber management solutions based on its family of intelligent optical switches. These solutions transform the way customers manage fiber-optic connections at the physical layer. Glimmerglass continues to grow because its customers achieve significant ROI in applications such as testing optical products and networks, monitoring fibers and RF signals, provisioning and protecting high-speed connections for grid computing and more. Glimmerglass sells its solutions to the defense, intelligence, super-computing, test & measurement, Internet infrastructure, video and telecommunications industries.



Grandis is the pioneer in developing and licensing innovative non-volatile memory solutions derived from cutting-edge research in spintronics. Its mission is to enable revolutionary products through application of the electron's spin to store, manipulate and transmit information. Acquired by Samsung.

Halation Photonics

Established in 2007, Halation Photonics is a high-tech company focused on development and commercialization of Multi-stable Liquid Crystal (MSLC) devices and MSLC related system solutions.

The company’s R&D center is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, with marketing in Beijing and manufacturing in Nanjing. Halation Photonics has raised funds from leading VC firms and Fortune 500 companies, and built up diversified collaborations for applications including electronic shelf labels, e-book screens, new generation trans-reflective full color static displays, and privacy glass (smart windows).


Illumitex is a clean-tech company developing high-brightness LEDs to revolutionize the world of lighting. The company?s first product provides twice the light in half the package size of standard LEDs, with future innovations enabling even higher energy efficiencies. Founded in 2005, Illumitex has assembled a world-class team working to bring key technologies to market and enable society's transformation to energy-saving solid state lighting for all illumination, from laptop screens to HDTVs to household lighting.



Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) provides Digital Optical Networking systems to telecommunications carriers worldwide. Infinera's systems are unique in their use of a breakthrough semiconductor technology: the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC). Infinera's systems and PIC technology are designed to provide optical networks with simpler engineering and operations, faster time-to-service, and more flexible networking. Went IPO: NASDAQ:INFN.

Infinite Power Solutions


Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS) – a U.S. clean-technology company – is a global leader in manufacturing solid-state, rechargeable, thin-film micro-energy storage devices for embedded applications. Founded in 2001, IPS is privately held with corporate headquarters and volume manufacturing in Littleton, Colo. The company is the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of solid-state, thin-film batteries, and its products displace conventional coin cells, supercapacitors, and other micro-battery solutions. THINERGY® Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) products are paper-thin and provide unprecedented power and efficiency in micro-energy storage, uniquely enabling ambient energy-harvesting solutions to create miniature, autonomous, perpetual power supply solutions. MECs serve battery powered consumer applications such as Bluetooth®Smart devices and other wireless sensor nodes, and also provide backup power for real-time clocks, memory modules, and solid-state drives.


Innolume is today's premier manufacturer of quantum dot semiconductor lasers. Lasing wavelengths cover the 1100 nm to 1300 nm band, unreachable by conventional quantum well lasers. Quantum dots facilitate novel industrial, medical, and communications laser applications. Innolume's products include epitaxial wafers, laser chips/bars, and fiber-coupled modules. Its most recent innovation is a unique light engine for next-generation WDM optical interconnects between and within computers. This is a single diode laser that emits many low-noise lasing lines simultaneously, each able to transmit high speed data.



Inpria Corporation designs photoresists to unlock the full potential of EUV lithography. Inpria’s metal oxide photoresists for EUV enable superior performance with simplified processing. By focusing on emerging requirements, Inpria has developed the only purpose-built solution to support EUV lithography at the 7nm process node and beyond.

Kotak Urja

Kotak Urja is India's leading solar company with deep expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, installation and turnkey execution for both Photovoltaic and Thermal heating systems.



Liquavista offers a new type of electronic screen technology that will change the way we interact with mobile phones, media players, electronic readers and other mobile devices. Liquavista’s displays create bright and colourful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and use dramatically less battery power. Acquired by Samsung.



Lumiode is a semiconductor technology startup working on next generation ultra high-brightness microdisplays for commercial, automotive, and consumer markets, as well as non-display applications. Our technology combines the realm of micro-LEDs and silicon thin film transistors to provide a scalable display solution to reach market demands. When fully developed, Lumiode’s technology will deliver a light engine with superior performance in nearly every figure of merit.

Menara Networks

Menara Networks develops innovative products and solutions that greatly simplify today's layered optical transport networks. Leveraging the company's proprietary high speed ICs, its extensive expertise in optical networking and system design, Menara products provide optical networks with superior performance and fewer network elements. Menara's value proposition translates to improved service velocity, and a significant reduction in overall network cost. Menara's unique 'system-in-a-module' products with integrated ITU-T G.709 OTN enable OEM customers to seamlessly and rapidly unlock the potential of their platforms by offering unique opportunities for expanded addressable markets and faster revenues. Menara Networks is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with a high speed Integrated Circuit Design Center in Irvine, CA.



metalenz will broadly disrupt illumination, imaging and display systems with digital optics based on metasurfaces, enabling new levels of performance, function, form factor and integration.

MTPV Power Corporation

MTPV Power Corporation is a clean energy company that makes semiconductor chips and solutions that convert heat directly into electricity. MTPV chip-based solutions can be used in many market segments such as industrial waste heat, gas and oil, solar, and eventually consumer electronics.


Nanomix is a leading nanoelectronic detection company launching detection devices based on Sensation™ technology. These scaleable devices use ultra-sensitive carbon nanotube detection elements combined with proprietary chemistries. They can be deployed across high value respiratory and biodetection applications where low power consumption, small size, and ultra-sensitivity offer significant performance advantages and enable unprecedented access to critical information.

Nanosys Inc.


Nanosys, Inc. is the leader in developing and delivering state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technology to the display industry. Nanosys proprietary QDEF® technology, a key component of the Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV revolution, is enabling a new generation of displays using Quantum Dots to deliver vivid color, lifelike brightness and incredible power efficiency at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. Industry leading consumer electronics brands have shipped award- winning devices from tablets to TVs based on Nanosys’ proprietary Quantum Dot technology.

Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California where it operates the world’s largest Quantum Dot nanomaterials fab with manufacturing capacity for over 25 tons of Quantum Dot materials per year. Nanosys currently owns or has exclusive license rights to more than 300 issued and pending patents worldwide.

Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium AS is the world’s pioneering supplier of aerospace-grade, additive manufactured, structural titanium components. The company is distinguished in the aviation industry by its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD™) process that transforms titanium wire into complex components suitable for structural and safety-critical applications. The Norsk Titanium research and development team is committed to replacing today’s inefficient manufacturing processes with a precision wire deposition technology embodying substantial savings for aerospace, defense, and commercial applications.


Oncoscope has developed an innovative optical screening platform that uses scattered light to identify cells with enlarged nuclei — the primary early marker for cancer. This proven technology will allow physicians to accurately and instantly identify dysplastic or pre–cancerous tissue for biopsy. This optical guide to biopsy system has been shown to increase the effectiveness of physical biopsies used to detect esophageal cancer, the deadliest and fastest-growing cancer today.


Passport Systems, Inc. is developing a new, automated, non-intrusive cargo screening system that will analyze the composition of materials and accurately identify the contents of a container, including commercial items, contraband, fissile materials, explosives, and other materials. Passport technologies can rapidly and automatically detect and identify concealed threats and contraband in sea, air and land cargo.



Plextronics, Inc. is a leading innovator of technology for printed electronics, comprised of next-generation light, power and circuitry products.

Point Engineering

Point Engineering

Point Engineering is the leading company in Korea as a manufacturer and supplier of Display, Semiconductor and LED business. We provide high-performance Special anodization, machining, cleaning and surface treatment as Vertically Integrated solution to customer.



RayVio Corp. is an advanced health and hygiene company that delivers clean water and environments. RayVio helps protect billions from germs and creates new markets and revenue streams by enabling a new class of products. Its powerful and efficient UV LED technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables.

Rockley Photonics

Rockley Photonics

Rockley Photonics is a fabless vendor of silicon photonics chipsets, IP, and design services for high volume optics applications.

Sage Electrochromics


SAGE Electrochromics is a smart glass technology company, and focused solely on the development and commercialization of electrochromic technology for the building window industry. SAGE’s patented technology, SageGlass®, is used to manufacture windows and skylights that can be darkly tinted to block sunlight and heat, or cleared, depending on the needs of the end user.

Acquired by Saint-Gobain.


Semprius, Inc. is commercializing a newly invented process for printing high-performance single crystal semiconductors on any substrate, including glass, plastic and other semiconductor materials. Initial applications of the technology include high frequency radio frequency semiconductors for mobile communications, TFT backplanes for flat panel displays and flexible digital X-ray detectors. The overall result is vast gains in performance for these types of devices at lower manufacturing costs.



Solaicx is a manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality silicon wafers for the photovoltaic (PV) industry. By designing and building equipment optimized for the high volume, continuous manufacture of high-performance, single crystal silicon ingots, Solaicx creates significant competitive advantages, in terms of cost and quality, which are then passed through the value chain of the silicon-based solar cell manufacturing market. Acquired by MEMC.

Solid Energy

Solid Energy logo, Applied Ventures

SolidEnergy revolutionized portable energy storage with the introduction of the "anode-free" lithium metal battery in 2014. SolidEnergy's two material platforms, dual-layer electrolyte and ultra-thin lithium metal anode, provide transformational energy density and safety across all rechargeable lithium batteries and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Li-ion manufacturing capability. The final applications include drones, watches & wearables, smart phones, and electric cars. Its mission is to power people's lives, whether they are communicating with loved ones on a phone or driving with family in an electric car.

SuNAM Co.,Ltd.

Sunam Ci logo

SuNAM Co.,Ltd., a green energy technology company, has been developing cutting-edge products based on superconducting materials and advanced materials since 2004. SuNAM manufactures highly energy efficient and cost effective second-generation superconducting (2G HTS) wires and high field superconducting magnets. High performance superconducting cables, motors, magnets and fault current limiters can be fabricated by SuNAM’s 2G HTS wire. SuNAM was the first to successfully manufactured a superconducting magnet based on 2G HTS wire, which is capable of generating magnetic force of 26.4T. With in-depth experience from building superconducting magnetic systems, SuNAM also provides technical services to help customers to build superconducting systems. SuNAM believes that the superconducting technologies will shift the paradigm of global energy use in the near future.



SunEdison simplifies solar by taking a fundamentally different approach to solar energy. SunEdison delivers solar energy services, not solar equipment, with no upfront costs. SunEdison corporate mission is simple: To make solar services a viable and rewarding alternative to traditional energy sources. SunEdison's vision, methodology, employees, and partners contribute to making SunEdison a leading global solar energy service provider. Acquired by MEMC.



Takumi provides revolutionary DFM (Design for Manufacturing) tool chain that dramatically reduces the yield ramp up time and the mask cost for the state of the art LSI.

Tera-Barrier Films

Tera-Barrier films is developing high performance flexible barrier films. These transparent barrier films protect sensitive electronics from the damage and performance degradation caused by moisture and oxygen and will improve the lifetime and reliability of flexible electronics such as flex-PV, OLED, and thin film batteries.


Tessolve is a leading semiconductor test engineering company providing global customers access to industry leading DFT, test engineering, test hardware development, failure analysis, assembly and package analysis for semiconductor devices. Tessolve provides experienced engineering capability to support and manage all functions from DFT through assembly & test in the semiconductor life cycle and with an advanced automated test equipment facility in Bangalore, India.



TetraVue is the leading innovator of 4D LIDAR video cameras that digitally capture the richness and depth of our fast-paced world in high definition.

Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience Corporation is developing a proprietary semiconductor-based technology platform that aims to enable faster, cheaper and improved throughput compared to existing state-of-the-art DNA synthesis technologies. The company’s platform enables the industry to transition from DNA synthesis traditionally produced on plastic arrays and glass to now be done on silicon wafers. Twist Bioscience intends to sell high value products like custom genes, parts, pathways, and chassis to industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical customers. Twist Bioscience is led by DNA synthesis experts Dr. Emily LeProust and Dr. Bill Peck, who share the world record for synthesizing the longest, highest quality oligo library.



Founded by world-leading experts in biomolecular analysis, Ultivue is a venture-backed company developing reagent-driven solutions for high-definition biological imaging in situ, combining unlimited multiplexing at high speed with high spatial resolution.

Ultivue’s proprietary reagents, instruments, and bioinformatics tools will enable researchers and clinicians to realize the promise of personalized medicine through better matching of patients to therapeutic options. In 2018, the company is launching products and services that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows for biomarker discovery, assay validation, and companion diagnostic applications.



XJet is a provider of groundbreaking metal and ceramic additive manufacturing
technologies and solutions. Founded in 2005, XJet has developed and introduced the
revolutionary NanoParticle Jetting™ technology.