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Maydan Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Laboratory for Semiconductor Technology Development and Customer Collaboration

Chip fabrication is perhaps the most complex manufacturing environment in existence. It takes several hundred steps to make a chip, and each different chip type will have its own unique sequence. For chip manufacturers, understanding and characterizing the interactions between different steps is critical to rapidly achieving high production yields.

The Maydan Technology Center, located at Applied Materials’ Sunnyvale campus in California, is designed to allow a faster transition to new technologies, shorten cycle time to production and reduce risk for customers. The center contains a complete suite of the 300mm wafer fabrication equipment needed to examine and optimize the chip fabrication process.

In addition to Applied tools, the center also houses third party lithography and metrology systems to allow complete process sequences to be run. This unique capability enables Applied Materials’ customers to test integrated process sequences using their actual device wafers before installation of the process equipment at the customer's site.