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2000-2009 Milestones

45 Years of Innovation

With more than 45 years of commitment to facilitating positive change through technological innovation, Applied has improved the way people live, work and play. Technology is at the heart and soul of our DNA.

Using our guiding principles of energy efficiency, scale, design for the environment, and community involvement, we are creating change on a global scale, while creating breakthrough opportunities resulting in a brighter future.

  • 2009

    Sales: $5.01B R&D: $900M 專利: 352
    Key Accomplishments
    • SEMVision G4 System won Semiconductor International’s Best Product Award
    • Opened the Advanced Solar Research and Customer Demonstration Facility in Xi’an, China
    • Acquired the assets of Advent Solar
    • Awarded funding by German government for OLED Research
    • Completed acquisition of Semitool
    • Received Green Mark Platinum Award for Singapore facility
    • Ranked by Newsweek as one of America’s ‘greenest’ companies
    • Named to FORTUNE’S “World’s Most Admired Companies” list
    • Received EPA Green Power Leadership Award
    • Pledged $500,000 over three years to Destination: Home, a California agency focused on addressing the chronic homeless population
    • Contributed $120,000 in emergency relief funds to victims of two natural disasters: the Abruzzo, Italy earthquake and Taiwan Typhoon Morakot
    • Provided two Foundation grants – $1 million to establish an Urgent Community Response Fund at United Way Silicon Valley and $500,000 to the Austin (Texas) Community Foundations Basic Needs Emergency Assistance Fund
    • Provided foundation grant to help fund “SunFlowers – An Electric Garden” in Austin, Texas – 15 solar-powered sunflower sculptures illustrating the possibilities for a solar-powered future
    • Awarded $12 million to education, environmental, civic development and arts organizations around the world to improve the way people live
  • 2008

    Sales: $8.13B R&D: $1.1B 專利: 319
    Key Accomplishments
    • Announced the Applied Endura Extensa PVD, the industry’s only production-worthy system for depositing the critical barrier films for copper interconnects in sub-55nm memory chips
    • Announced the Applied E3 advanced equipment and process control solution, a comprehensive factory automation (FA) software package for improving the productivity and reducing the costs of semiconductor, flat panel display and photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing
    • Acquired Baccini, a leading supplier of automated metallization and test systems for manufacturing crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic (PV) cells
    • Released the Applied Tetra Reticle Clean, the industry’s only wet clean system that delivers damage-free, >99% particle removal efficiency for 32nm-and-beyond photomasks
    • Launched the Applied Inflexion edge polishing system, entering the wafer edge cleaning market
    • Announced the SunFab Performance Service program, the solar industry’s first comprehensive integrated support solution
    • Awarded the Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation award for the SunFab Thin Film line's ability to make extremely large solar-power panels.
    • Responded to devastating earthquake in China and cyclone in Myanmar by facilitating employee donations, corporate gifts, and matching funds from the Applied Materials Foundation totaling nearly $620,000 for relief and recovery operations
    • Applied Materials Singapore facility (AMSEA) named a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Gold award winner
    • Named the first corporate winner of the Austin Business Journal’s “Going Green” Awards
    • Received the Texas Business Partnership Award from the Texas Association of Partners in Education
    • Unveiled 56 kilowatt corporate solar installation in Xi’an, China
    • Introduced the Bright Future card game, a unique environmental game that teaches sustainability and environmental concepts to children
    • Donated 2 million yuan to humanitarian assistance efforts by the Red Cross Society of China following the Sichuan earthquake in China
    • The Applied Materials Foundation matched charitable contributions by U.S.-based employees generating almost $2.5 million dollars for community organizations and schools
    • Employees and the company donated generously to disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of devastating floods in Bihar, India, and Hurricane Ike in Texas and Louisiana
    • The American India Foundation (AIF) honored CEO, Mike Splinter with its Corporate Leadership Award in recognition of the company's business and civic leadership in India
  • 2007

    Sales: $9.73B R&D: $1.14B 專利: 308
    Key Accomplishments
    • Named Green Energy Innovator of the Year for pioneering work on the Applied SunFab Thin Film Line
    • Opened the SunFab Technology Center in Alzenau, Germany, one of the most advanced facilities dedicated to next generation solar technology applications
    • Launched the AKT-PiVot 55KV PVD (physical vapor deposition) system for depositing metal and TCO (transparent conductive oxide) materials on Gen 8.5 (5.5m²) glass substrates
    • Introduced the SunFab Thin Film Line, the first integrated production line for manufacturing thin film silicon solar modules using 5.7m² glass panels
    • Acquired HCT Shaping Systems to expand the company’s portfolio of solutions for helping solar customers reduce the costs of manufacturing photovoltaic cells to make solar energy more competitive with grid electricity
    • Opened Advanced Wafer Reclaim Center in Taiwan to extend wafer lifecycle and conserve silicon with significant cost-of-ownership benefits for customers, including higher wafer quality and increased process yields
    • Received the 2007 Business Environmental Award from Acterra, a Bay Area organization, for the company’s energy efficient semiconductor equipment design program
    • Acquired Brooks Software, a leading provider of factory management and control software to the semiconductor and flat panel display industries, significantly expanding fab-wide software solutions
    • Opened the Xi’an Global Development and Technology Support Center in China
    • Announced plan to install nearly 2 megawatts of solar power generation capability at the company’s Sunnyvale, California campus in 2008, generating over 2,330 megawatt hours annually—the equivalent of powering 1,400 homes
    • Chairman James C. Morgan awarded the National Friendship Award from the China Central Government
    • Named one of the "100 Best Corporate Citizens" in the U.S. for 2007 by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) magazine
    • Purchased 8,220,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean renewable energy annually from wind and solar generation sources in California in lieu of energy from nonrenewable sources, representing approximately 12 percent of the energy used in the company’s Santa Clara facilities
  • 2006

    Sales: $9.17B R&D: $1.15B 專利: 402
    Key Accomplishments
    • Using new variable laser polarization technology, the UVision SP was the first system to capture critical 30nm immersion lithography defect
    • Released the Producer GT, the fastest, most cost-effective chemical vapor deposition platform
    • Launched strategy to reduce cost per watt of solar power by entering the rapidly growing solar photovoltaic equipment market
    • Announced the formation of Sokudo Co., Ltd., a joint venture company with Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., to deliver advanced, technically differentiated innovative track solutions for critical dimension semiconductor manufacturing requirements
    • Acquired Applied Films Corporation, a leading supplier of thin film deposition equipment used in manufacturing flat panel displays, solar cells, flexible electronics and energy-efficient glass
    • Named one of the Business Ethics "100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2005"
    • Employees pledged a company record $2.087 million (including company matching dollars), during the Employee Giving Program to assist U.S. charities
  • 2005

    Sales: $6.99B R&D: $940M 專利: 363
    Key Accomplishments
    • Received the first Supplier Environmental Leadership Award from the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) in recognition of the company’s dedication to resource conservation in the semiconductor equipment industry
    • Jim Morgan, chairman of the board, received the "Legend of the Industry" Award by investment bank Needham & Company, LLC, for his achievements and contributions to the semiconductor equipment industry
    • Announced the Centura AdvantEdge system, the most advanced silicon etch technology delivering 2mm edge exclusion with sub-3nm critical dimension control access 300mm wafers
    • Launched Producer Black Diamond II system for depositing the most advanced low k films for next generation high-speed chips
    • Completed acquisition of single-wafer immersion technology and Marangoni clean/dry intellectual property from SCP Global Technology, Inc., complementing the company’s existing wet cleaning product
    • Entered the brightfield inspection market with the UVision system, the first laser 3D brightfield inspection tool that allowed customers to rapidly resolve defects never seen before during wafer manufacturing
    • Dr. Dan Maydan, president emeritus, elected to the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame for his outstanding professional achievements in engineering and technology and significant contributions to the community
    • Launched the OPC Check, the only system that performs automated qualifications of OPC (optical proximity correction)-based chip designs
    • The Company responded to the Tsunami in Asia by donating more than $1 million to its victims, through employee contributions and matching funds from the Applied Materials Foundation
    • Donated $400,000 to provide clean water to nearly 20,000 people a day for 20 years in Tamil Nadu, India, in response to the Tsunami in Asia
    • Employees donated nearly $600,000 with the company match to support efforts relating to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
    • Launched Digital Equalizer Center in India in collaboration with the American India Foundation
  • 2004

    Sales: $8.01B R&D: $992M 專利: 419
    Key Accomplishments
    • Acquired Metron Technology, the world’s largest independent service provider to the semiconductor industry, expanding the company’s portfolio of solutions for streamlining semiconductor fab solutions
    • Produced the first 65nm X Architecture interconnect test chip at the Maydan Technology Center
    • Magnolia Award of Honorary Citizenship presented to Chairman James C. Morgan by the Shanghai Municipal Government in China
    • Chairman of the Board, James C. Morgan received the Global Humanitarian Award from the Tech Museum of Innovation
    • Donated a MEBES 4700S mask-making system to the Institute of Microelectronics of the China Academy of Sciences
    • Pledged an additional $1 million to the Shanghai Research and Development Fund in China
  • 2003

    Sales: $4.47B R&D: $921M 專利: 579
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the SEMVision G2 FIB Defect Analysis system, the first in-line production tool to integrate advanced defect review SEM (scanning electron microscope) capability with automated focused ion beam (FIB) cross-sectioning and EDX (energy dispersive x-ray) analysis technology, enabling a major step forward in production efficiency, yield and fab profitability
    • Announced the SlimCell ECP, the first multi-step copper electrochemical plating (ECP) capability for 65nm and beyond copper chips
    • Named Michael R. Splinter president and chief executive officer
    • Collaborated with Meiden to open new system remanufacturing center in Shanghai, China
    • Launched ComPlus-EV patterned wafer inspection system
    • Employees in the United States donated $1.2 million (with the corporate match) to Texas and California food banks — an all-time high for the Company
    • Company donations exceeded 2.8 million pounds of food to United States food banks
    • Austin employees donated 617 pints of blood supporting the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas
  • 2002

    Sales: $5.06B R&D: $1.05B 專利: 684
    Key Accomplishments
    • Entered the wet clean market with the Oasis Clean, providing significantly faster production cycle time and particle removal performance necessary for nanometer chip manufacturing
    • Opened the Maydan Technology Center, a large scale facility dedicated to 300mm processing, equipped with a full complement of process, yield enhancement and automation technologies to speed development and introduction of future, faster, more powerful, sub-100nm copper-based chips
    • Launched the NanoSEM 3D CD-SEM, the first fully-automated 3D critical dimension-scanning electron microscope (CD-SEM), for precisely controlling 193nm-wavelength lithography and etch processes
    • Launched CompassPro wafer inspection system
    • Recognized with the 2002 Business in the Arts Award for its vision, leadership and commitment to creating partnerships in the arts
    • Awarded the Ernst & Young's Community Impact Award, by The Greater Richmond Technology Council, in recognition of the Company's community initiatives and flagship program Charitech
    • Collaborated with National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan to expand technology programs
  • 2001

    Sales: $7.34B R&D: $1.19B 專利: 980
    Key Accomplishments
    • Opened Technical Training Center in Beijing, China; opened major facility and Technical Training  Center in Pudong area of Shanghai, China; and opened manufacturing facility in Tainan, Taiwan
    • Acquired Schlumberger's electron-beam wafer inspection business
    • Opened Asian Continental Distribution Center (CDC) in Taoyuan, Taiwan
    • Company donations totaled 2.6 million pounds of food to United States food banks
    • Employees raised more than $1 million for the September 11th Fund to support needed services for victims and their families
  • 2000

    Sales: $9.56B R&D: $1.1B 專利: 730
    Key Accomplishments
    • Launched the industry's broadest portfolio of production-ready 300mm systems and services for advanced interconnect applications
    • Announced Compass, the first patterned wafer inspection system to detect critical defects in sub-100nm devices at the high speeds required for chipmakers’ volume production lines
    • Entered mask making market and thin film transistor array test business by purchasing Etec Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer of mask pattern generation solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industries
    • Launched the VeraSEM 3D Metrology SEM system, the first in-line production-worthy critical dimension-scanning electron microscope to provide 3D imaging technology, enabling chipmakers to realize higher yields and reduce costs through the early detection of process excursions
    • Formed a Virtual Technology Center, a network of partnerships with European research and academic organizations conducting semiconductor process development
    • Launched the Excite particle detection system
    • Opened offices in Kulim and Kuching, Malaysia; opened first building of Tainan Technology Center in Taiwan
    • Committed $1 million to the Housing Trust Fund of Santa Clara County, California to help increase the number of affordable housing units
    • Company donations totaled 4.3 million pounds of food to United States food banks
    • Pledged an additional $1 million to the Shanghai Research and Development Fund in China
    • Received Quality Management Award from the Taiwan government for outstanding management of events following the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake