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Applied TopBeam™

With Applied’s high power Electron Beam evaporation a wide variety of different metals and oxides can be evaporated. This process evaporation offers the highest coating speed of all vacuum coating processes. For high coating thickness uniformity a closed-loop inline control system both in transverse and machine direction is mandatory. This requirement is fulfilled with ESCOSYS® in combination with the appropriate inline measurement system.

TopBeam is available in two basic chamber sizes: TopBeam 1100 / 1100 S series (for roll widths 550 to 1,100 mm) and TopBeam 2850 / 2450 (for roll widths 1,425 to 2,850 mm). The TopBeam 1100 S is designed for optical multilayers like Fabry Perot filters for color shift, but can also be used easily for many other applications where high mass productivity is not the main focus. TopBeam 2850 / 2450 is our solution for highest output production of barrier coatings based on the evaporation of sublimating materials like silicon oxides. Based on our > 30 years of experience with Electron Beam Web Coating and Sputter Web Coating the TopBeam 1100 S combines the advantages of two process worlds, as this system is equipped with Electron Beam Evaporation and Magnetron Sputtering Sources.