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Announcing New Display Technologies for next gen TV's and mobile devices

The Applied AKT-PiVot 55K DT PVD, Applied AKT-PiVot 25K DT PVD and Applied AKT 55KS PECVD systems extend Applied’s leadership in metal oxide (MO) films and technologies for smaller, faster thin film transistors (TFTs) required to create high-resolution displays. More about our products

The Technology of Applied Materials Display Group

Applied Materials has been a leader in providing equipment and technology to the flat panel display industry for manufacturing TFT-LCDs. As a result, nearly every display in use today was made using Applied Materials’ equipment. Watch the video

Feb 26 2015

Quest for More Durable Displays

Our display survey revealed a consumer sentiment that should surprise no one: cracked mobile screens are a big problem worldwide. Applied is working closely with customers and others in the industry to develop manufacturing technologies that not only deliver high-quality, power-efficient mobile displays, but also enable more durable screens that can withstand being dropped and can better endure wear-and-tear over time. Read full story